Traducción de heartbeat en Español:


latido (del corazón), n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɑːtbiːt//ˈhɑrtˌbit/


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    latido (del corazón) masculino
    80 heartbeats per minute 80 pulsaciones por minuto
    • He remembered the day's events vividly and felt his heartbeat quicken pace as he remembered the routine attack on the Alliance convoy.
    • She scrambled away, her heartbeat suddenly quickening in fear.
    • My heartbeat quickens even more at the mere sight of her.
    • In one particularly engaging scene a barrage of news reports on black ‘suspects’ is pasted over the quickening thump of a heartbeat.
    • However they may lead to palpitations, which is an unpleasant awareness of the heartbeat, often described as a thumping in the chest.
    • His breathing did not change, nor did his heartbeat quicken.
    • As he walked up to her she felt her heartbeat quicken.
    • Looking across the dark waters that separate our houses, I can't help but feel my heartbeat quicken and the resolve in my mind harden.
    • I sat up when I heard the doorbell and my heartbeat quickened as I got to my feet and raced out of my room, down the stairs and stopped at the bottom one.
    • The common symptoms of anaemia are tiredness, shortness of breath and awareness of the heartbeat (palpitations).
    • His heartbeat quickened as he hurried towards her room.
    • Then I realized that I couldn't hear anything at all, nothing but a constant thudding like a heartbeat in my eardrum.
    • Other drugs may be given if pain persists, if there is fluid on the lungs or a fast heartbeat.
    • The midwife or doctor may use a device placed on the abdomen to amplify the heartbeat.
    • My heartbeat just quickened and it kept increasing.
    • Marcy felt her breath quicken, her heartbeat accelerate and crescendo in her ears to an overpowering drone.
    • I could feel his breath against my neck and through my dress I could feel his heartbeat pulsating through my body as he pulled me closer.
    • My heartbeat quickened with every passing second, so that I wanted to confess to the world…
    • His squeeze grew just a little lighter than usual when he felt her heartbeat quicken far more than it usually did, her breath intake having been sharp.
    • Your heartbeat's pace has quickened by a large, unhealthy, degree.