Traducción de heat exchanger en Español:

heat exchanger

cambiador de calor, n.

Pronunciación /hit ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒər/


  • 1

    cambiador de calor masculino
    intercambiador de calor masculino
    • Get everywhere well insulated and put heat-exchangers on the ventilation system so it's an energy-efficient system.
    • The fire heats the water, which then flows into the next room where an Amish-style heat-exchanger keeps the water warm.
    • In the winter, the air behind the outer glass facade warms and rises to the air box, which functions as a heat-exchanger, returning hot air to the apartments.
    • These experiments are expected to contribute, respectively, to new heat-exchanger designs, to more efficient oil exploration processes, and to better semiconductor alloys.
    • These blood vessels act as a countercurrent heat-exchanger.