Traducción de heat lamp en Español:

heat lamp

lámpara de calor, n.


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    lámpara de calor femenino
    • Do you sleep under a heat lamp or on top of a heated rock?
    • He's got pyrotechnics heralding his entrance, a snow globe bearing his likeness, and he sleeps under a heat lamp.
    • A heat lamp may have caused a fire that killed 22 horses, most of them Thoroughbreds, and destroyed a barn at Cross International training center in Henderson, Kentucky, last week.
    • Scott walked down to the nursery and saw the tiny form laying under a heat lamp and in an incubator so frail and motionless.
    • Heating with a heat lamp or propane torch may make the covering less brittle.
    • My companion's waffle was smallish, and she said it was good, though lukewarm, probably from sitting just out of range of the heat lamp while my food was prepared.
    • Several piglets and their mother were killed after a heat lamp used to warm them set fire to straw in a farm building at Gatebeck, near Kendal, last night (Friday).
    • His brother, Jelly, prefers snoozing under a heat lamp.
    • He noticed the piglets ignored the warmth of a heat lamp and preferred mother's warmth and milk during the first critical 24 hours of life.
    • Initial investigations by the fire service point to an electrical fault with a heat lamp having been the cause, although they were still examining the scene today.
    • It all looked very smart and stylish - and Brett and I had a nice starter - but the food generally was very poor and had obviously spent some time under a heat lamp, keeping warm, before being served.
    • A binder material is sprayed onto it in the desired shape by the printhead, and cured with a heat lamp.
    • Adjust the heat lamp's height so the chicks can sleep under it comfortably, without trying to huddle too closely together (which signals that they are chilly and the lamp should be moved closer to them).
    • My dad's been wanting me to move out ever since the heat lamp for my pet mog almost burned the house down.
    • The other guest I went with sent his steak back to be cooked and they held it under a heat lamp for about 20 minutes while they made my second steak, so it was dried out.
    • I went to the house and saw six positively adorable black puppies, all fat and energetic, wrestling vigorously beneath a heat lamp in a garage.
    • This would have been a night I set up his heat lamp in his indoor cage.
    • I've had rare duck breast that sat so long beneath a heat lamp that the top layer began to turn brownish, and the whole thing was so tough it might as well have been duck jerky.
    • The surface of the drawing was then polished, and parts were carefully burnt in with a heat lamp, producing a crackle pattern.
    • Fenton built three 6-foot cubic frames, each housing a large shallow bowl set in a bed of rice with a black heat lamp suspended above.