Traducción de heater en Español:


calentador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhidər//ˈhiːtə/


  • 1

    calentador masculino
    calefactor masculino
    estufa femenino
    night storage heater acumulador de calor masculino
    • (in car) the heater doesn't work la calefacción no funciona
    • He made swift movements to turn on a Shard heater to warm the water in his tub.
    • We will also be able to purchase five oil heaters to warm up the building and some food items to stock up our new freezer
    • Other people have been going out and buying electric heaters to keep warm and using kettles to have a hot bath.
    • The school can only allow a limited number of students into the building at one time because only a few classrooms can be warmed by electric heaters.
    • Said Tim: ‘We keep Trelow warm with a furry hot water bottle and a heater, and for comfort he clings to a toy cow!’
    • Since then they have had just a couple of electric heaters to warm the house and no hot water.
    • And a tankless hot-water heater provides warm water on demand, rather than consuming energy 24 hours a day.
    • ‘We don't have a heater or warm water,’ she told me, looking down.
    • For £1 a time people stand in their swimming costumes under the warm air heaters and wait.
    • I installed wall heaters, an electric water heater, dryer and range, but asked for help with a mechanical heat pump.
    • I think that's a really important message that we need to get across to people, because whenever you say energy conservation, they immediately think turning off their heaters and not being warm and stuff.
    • It hasn't been repaired yet and we are having to hire small heaters to keep it warm.
    • The warm air from the heater and the steaming cups of caffeine didn't help me that much either.
    • The appliance essentially consists of a water tank and a heater equipped with a thermostat control.
    • Decades-old electric heaters struggled to warm the concrete.
    • In fact, modern hire cruisers are equipped to a very high standard, so you can expect a full gas cooker, refrigerator and hot and cold running water - even heaters to take the early morning chill out of your cabin.
    • Last night, while engineers from gas pipeline company Transco battled to repair the burst main and restore supplies, some residents were left to huddle round electric heaters to keep warm.
    • And it had one rare commodity, a giant electric portable heater that warmed the entire unit.
    • The boat even has a coal-effect heater, which warms two radiators.
    • Little electric heaters are used to warm rooms and they now have three hot showers.