Traducción de heave en Español:


Pronunciación /hiːv//hiv/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(move with effort)

      he heaved himself off the floor se levantó del suelo haciendo un gran esfuerzo
      • we heaved the box onto the shelf con esfuerzo logramos subir la caja al estante
      • I've been heaving bricks all day he estado cargando ladrillos todo el día

    • 1.2informal (throw)

      • James grabbed the back of Savage's shirt and heaved him away from the guns, tossing him into the middle of the room.
      • He grabs the boy by the collar of his shirt and heaves him across the room, sending him sliding into a table.
      • If you want to reach the disaffected youths who take to the streets to heave bricks at the police, you need to have a dialogue.
      • What is the specific legislation under which, if, a 15-year old boy heaves a brick in somebody's window and he has done it many times before, he might end up in detention?
      • So he heaved a brick though the glass and grabbed it.
      • She gave half a shrug, and heaved her friend's ‘inadequate’ duffel bag out of the car.
      • She heaved the feather light envelope across the room, tossing the box with it.
      • For some unknown reason I ended up heaving a cast iron bathtub through a house in Burslem on Saturday.
      • Barry then heaved the ball at Haywood, and Haywood throw a punch at Barry.
      • Hot coffee revived her slightly and she heaved the new suitcase on to the pale bed-cover and flung back the lid.
      • Every day in every way there's enough to make one throw the newspaper across the room, heave a brick at the television set.
      • Dom and Dara exchanged a worried glance before pitching in; heaving rocks left and right.
      • A young hoodlum heaves a brick through the window of a baker's shop.

  • 2

    to heave a sigh suspirar
    • he heaved a sigh of relief suspiró aliviado

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    jalar Cono Sur América Latina
    we heaved and heaved but couldn't lift it hicimos mucha fuerza pero no lo pudimos levantar
    • heave! ¡dale!
    • to heave at sth tirar de algo
    • to heave on a rope/line tirar de una cuerda/un cable
    • Jag gasped as his shoulder was nearly dislocated, then heaved himself up with the offended arm.
    • Finally giving in to his conscious, he reluctantly heaved himself off the comfy sofa and approached the door with great caution.
    • Kim heaved herself up on the lab table and sat on it.
    • By the time I heaved myself into action, lifting Harry carefully and putting him down on my nicely warmed chair the fireworks had finished and the night was quiet once more.
    • Across her back I threw a soft light blanket before heaving the massive English saddle across.
    • To her relief, he heaved her up by her waist and threw her over his shoulder again.
    • With an empty arm, he rolled Razi onto her back, and heaved her upper half onto his knee.
    • He slowly heaved himself of the soft wet grass, dusted himself and prepared to face the world that lay ahead, the living world…
    • Bastian heaved himself to a sitting position with much effort.
    • I gripped the next rock on the wall and heaved myself up.
    • He grabbed her bag and tossed it to her, running to the window and heaving it open.
    • Rae took a deep breath as she heaved a concrete brick up on to another one.
    • I heaved myself up and hauled my bag back onto my shoulders.
    • After some minutes, he heaved himself to his feet to the evident relief of the crowd who had mistakenly cheered, but it proved premature.
    • He heaved the gates open with Julius and Sam, and threw his spear at an emerging Saxon who had been awoken by the whistle.
    • So I took my time finishing the job, heaved myself upright and turned to face the source of the muttering.
    • I heaved myself and the table up the last flight of stairs.
    • They heaved themselves up, their muscles feeling like lead.
    • I slowly heaved myself off the couch and into a standing position, stumbled over to the door, and opened it just as he dropped a package at the door and rang the bell.
    • She heaved herself out of the rocking chair and plucked the binoculars from the table.
  • 2

    • 2.1(rise and fall)

      his chest heaved respiraba agitadamente
      • the ship heaved up and down in the swell el barco subía y bajaba con la marejada

    • 2.2heaving present participle

      (chest/bosom) palpitante
      (sobs) convulsivo
      (molten lava/tar pit) bullente
      she fought her way through the heaving throng of people se abrió paso a través del hormiguero de gente
      • The other friend heaved a sigh and said he was totally dependent on his son who didn't give him any money.
      • Breathing hard, Jacob simply stared for a few more seconds before I heaved a harsh sigh and tugged off my headphones.
      • If you could cup your ear you could hear Republicans all over the country heaving a sigh of relief.
      • Finally he calmed down, his chest heaving as he panted, his heart still pounding in his chest.
      • Her body lurched, so thin the lightest touch would break her in half, heaving gasps of terror.
      • The second man heaved a sigh that was mocking in its false regret.
      • But instead of putting our feet up and heaving a sigh of relief, many of us are just beginning to realise how much we've actually spent.
      • If you were here now you'd hear me heaving a big sigh.
      • He can see her shoulders slightly heaving up and down.
      • ‘Yes that's what I want’ I slammed the door in his face and leaned against it my shoulders heaving, it felt as though I had just run a mile.
      • His shoulders were heaving with sobs as I knelt beside him.
      • They are consuming the dish by dollops and heaving sighs of contentment.
      • The woman fell back, chest heaving, lips moving soundlessly.
      • Her tears for me were more than I could bear, and I started to sob silently, my chest heaving, my shoulders shaking.
      • We all heave a semi-contented sigh and say to ourselves: ‘At least he isn't playing.’
      • I wrapped my arms around him and he buried his face into my shoulder like he had earlier that evening, shoulders heaving as he wrapped his arms around my waist.
      • She continued to improve and her family heaved a sigh of relief and started limping back towards normalcy.
      • Then he kissed it lightly and heaved a deep sigh again.
      • Qantas executives will be heaving a sigh of relief tonight.
      • Darcy burst round the corner, his chest heaving heavily as he panted.
      • John knelt and checked for a pulse, he heaved a sigh of relief when he found one, Jim wouldn't die just yet.
      • Environmentalists may fume, but commuters and residents sick of the constant traffic jams are heaving a sigh of relief at the sight of builders starting work on the new dual-carriageway.
      • He put his arms around my shoulders and I leaned on shoulders, my body heaving with sobs.
      • Her chest heaved gently to the rhythm of her breathing, but as he crept in further, he had to stifle a scream.
      • The owners of the 150 properties engulfed by flood waters 15 months ago were not the only people heaving a sigh of relief.
      • Motorists will be heaving a sigh of relief with the announcement the by-pass is due to open before Christmas.
      • She covered her face with her hands, her shoulders heaving.
      • As our shoulders burn and lungs heave with exertion, we slowly get the kayak under control and find the rhythm and intensity required to keep it going in the desired direction.
      • She lay there, panting and heaving, feeling her blood drain away from her body and out through her torn clothes.
      • My chest heaved, I was panting, and my hair had become stringy and was sticking to my sweaty neck and face.
      • Perhaps because of this, I felt acutely conscious of the way my shoulders were heaving, a rapid and seemingly exaggerated flapping motion.
      • Her head bowed low, hair falling over her face, and her shoulders heaved.
      • One suspects the government will now, after heaving a sigh of relief, quietly hand the issue over to doctors for them to sort out.
      • His chest heaved and he threw back his head, his muscles vibrating from the uncontrollable happiness of a laugh.
      • Labour election strategists, heaving a sigh of relief that the fuel protest seems to have been defused, are now worrying about the apathy factor in the forthcoming British election.
      • He has his face in his hands, his shoulders heaving.
      • Already her chest and shoulders heaved from holding in sobs.
      • For those who heave a sigh of relief a second shock is only a couple of hours away.
      • He laid panting and heaving for breath until he finally fell asleep.
      • You can almost hear the First Minister heaving a sigh of relief.

  • 3coloquial

    hacer arcadas
    • I felt my stomach churn painfully, heaving viciously before I had time to react.
    • My stomach heaved and I covered my mouth as I tried to regain control of my senses.
    • He spent the next few minutes bent in half, but even after his stomach was completely empty he continued to retch and heave but bring nothing up.
    • My stomach heaved and I ran to the toilet, retching and crying.
    • Bile rose in his throat and he began to heave uncontrollably.
    • Will lay flat on his back, stomach heaving, sweat pooling in sandy little lumps on the cave floor.
    • Tom felt deadly full, his stomach still heaving like a stormy sea.
    • She was forced to close her eyes again as her stomach heaved.
    • As soon as her stomach stopped heaving she fled back into the kitchen, away from the sight and smell of the dead kitten, and wiped her mouth down.
    • My stomach almost heaved at the last ‘fond’ memory of my last movie with the two of them.
    • But even I could make it no farther than the sixth house before my legs gave from under me and I collapsed on the ground, my stomach heaving.
    • Her stomach heaved, and she wrapped her arms around her middle as if to contain it.
    • My legs took me away from him and I dry heaved until I fell into a fit of tears.
    • Her stomach heaved and she ran to the bathroom next to Samuel's room.
    • This time, however, her stomach heaved and she just barely grabbed the chamber pot before she was sick.
    • Her stomach clenched suddenly, heaving, and she had her answer.
    • Her stomach heaved and her hands were damp and clammy.
    • I stood on their front lawn, my stomach heaving, trying to get my breath back.
  • 4past tense, past participle heaved"or "hove

    (ship) virar
    the harbor hove into sight el puerto apareció ante nuestra vista
    • The Danes used to work holding the boat with an anchor and heaving the ropes to the boat.
    • He hired hundreds of labourers to heave a large boat, a passenger ferry, over a mountain in the Andes.
    • Where there was no obvious launch point George - adrenaline-charged - would heave the boat over walls or railings and clamber in.
    • Finally I jump ashore and heave my boat out and carry it over the levee.


  • 1

    (pull) tirón masculino
    (pull) jalón masculino Cono Sur América Latina
    (push) empujón masculino
    (para mover algo) (effort) esfuerzo masculino
    give it another heave empujen/tiren (or jalen etc.) otra vez
    • With a great heave of breath, Elizabeth slid across the wall to the stairs, never taking her eyes off of the closed door.
    • The Guardian roared once more and, with a heave, he pushed his body sideways and forced the knife into the ground.
    • The view from the summit, however, is assuredly worth all of the leg cramps and dry heaves.
    • He headed the hammer with a heave of 47. 55m, and dominated the shot with 13. 31m.
    • The vomiting soon turned into dry heaves, then coughs finally transforming into heart wrenching, soul shaking sobs.
    • David gave a tremendous heave and Rose caught the end of the line.
    • Zane was struggling, his breaths coming in short heaves and his face turning red.
    • I tossed the remaining ball into the metal container and slammed the lid down with a heave, and then turned and walked across the court to where my father was standing.
    • With a final heave, my boots skidded across the floor, leaving dark smudges in their wake.
    • He managed to give her a final heave and pull her through just as the door shut and gravity returned to normal.
    • I gave the stick a mighty heave and it swung out in a beautiful, soaring arc.
    • They hay strewn floor gave a heave as the other stables started awake.
    • He shifts his weight as fast as possible and gives his opponent a great heave.
    • With a jerk and a heave, the train stopped, sending Rebecca tumbling, laughing, on top of her husband.
    • I was struck - flabbergasted, really - by the velocity of the heaves.
    • So gathering all the strength he had he gave a mighty heave and broke the chain about his neck.
    • Maybe he could really flip himself over with an almighty heave?
    • Before I go on, please take a minute to finish your dry heaves of disgust as you purge that image from your minds.
    • They guarded their opponents courteously, looked for unchallenged spaces to catch the ball, and settled for long-range heaves.
    • It is characterised with gentle hand movements, a distinctive heave of the torso and soft walk.
  • 2heaves plural

    the heaves náuseas femenino
    • it gives me the heaves me da ganas de vomitar