Traducción de hedonist en Español:


hedonista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛdənɪst//ˈhɛd(ə)nɪst//ˈhɛdənəst//ˈhidənəst//ˈhiːd(ə)nɪst//ˈhiːdənɪst/


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    hedonista femenino
    • Yet, like hedonists around the world, motorists here love swanky cars and bikes.
    • With the political forecast comparatively sunny recently, things are visibly on the up - the grand old city centre cleaned out and dressed up to receive the growing surge of investors, visitors and weekending hedonists.
    • We are a people who in equal parts are adventurers, skilled craftspeople, hedonists, sensualists, survivalists, and environmentalists.
    • A libertine is a hedonist, a devotee of personal pleasure, whereas a libertarian is one who defends the libertine and his lifestyle against the heavy hand of government.
    • On this Easter Saturday I really wanted to write something that might touch on some spiritual questions, such as why recent surveys tell us that we have become a nation of happy hedonists.