Traducción de hegemony en Español:


hegemonía, n.

Pronunciación /həˈdʒɛməni//hɪˈdʒɛməni//ˈhɛdʒəˌmoʊni//hɪˈɡɛməni/



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    hegemonía femenino
    • It is not a battle for territorial domination, ideological supremacy or economic hegemony.
    • It has been a strong supporter of United States hegemony, and therefore also of the NATO alliance.
    • Yet, while imperialism has generally withered, other forms of domination or hegemony have arisen.
    • The almighty dollar, which at one time served as a tool of hegemony, is not as viable a tool at present.
    • In its early years it was seen by the Soviet Union as an instrument of Western hegemony.
    • It is striking how exactly this coincided with the end of the world hegemony of British imperialism.
    • The ruling classes in Europe and Japan are far less willing to accept US hegemony.
    • For Marxists, US hegemony was a specific phase of capitalist expansion in the post-war era.
    • It has no basis in anything other than the social reality its hegemony constructs.
    • In the power politics of this struggle for hegemony, the new cold war is not much different from the old cold war.
    • In the east, the seventh-century crisis similarly undermined aristocratic hegemony.
    • Driven by its economic crisis, it is attempting to reorganise the globe under its hegemony.
    • At a cultural level, there are signs that the bourgeois hegemony is being challenged by our taste for the tasteless.
    • The problem for the ruling class is how to reassert such hegemony.
    • US military hegemony is no longer underwritten by equivalent global economic supremacy.
    • Will Europe ever get a clue, or will they just kowtow to U.S. hegemony?
    • On the military level, it is much more difficult for Europe to challenge American hegemony.
    • Under this strategy they are going to bring the whole world under their hegemony.
    • American hegemony in defence will, however, remain unchallenged for as long ahead as can be contemplated.
    • Nevertheless its defeat was a massive blow to US hegemony in the region.