Traducción de heifer en Español:


vaquilla, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛfər//ˈhɛfə/


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    vaquilla femenino
    novilla femenino
    • Pregnant heifers were rotated on native range pastures during the dormant season.
    • Therefore, it was impossible to replace the heifers because of the lack of grazing forages.
    • They raise their own replacement heifers and sell their bull calves to another organic farmer nearby.
    • On the beef side, prices for last week showed no change from the previous week for bullocks and heifers.
    • Rows and rows of cows and heifers, their moos resounding within the school walls, were tethered to makeshift stalls.
    • The comparison was with a pregnant heifer purchased in the same fall.
    • Some producers concentrate solely on cows, hiring other farmers to custom raise heifers.
    • Both systems have utility in managing reproduction of beef and dairy heifers.
    • The heifers were not treated differently after delivering the first calf.
    • Her calf, a heifer, will be given as a gift to another family.
    • Allocating grass on a 36 or 48-hour basis will allow cows and heifers to be fully fed most of the time.
    • Successful first breeding and calving of the heifer is only part of a successful replacement strategy.
    • This was costly, and the heifers often failed when the high level of feed inputs were taken out of the system.
    • The heifer beat off stiff competition from nine other heifers and eighteen bulls to win the prestigious award.
    • Therefore, a replacement heifer must be developed at a total cost that is less than the future value.
    • Another reason for separating bulls and heifers is to prevent young heifers becoming pregnant.
    • The heifers were subsequently weighed at the beginning and end of the breeding season.
    • The heifers were kept in outdoor pens with fence-line bunks and dirt floors.
    • Dry cows and in calf heifers can easily be managed inside as maintenance requirements are relatively low and can easily be met.
    • It is better to fail to achieve conception with the yearling than to fail with the second calf heifer.