Traducción de helix en Español:


hélice, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhilɪks//ˈhiːlɪks/

nombrePlural helices

  • 1

    hélice femenino
    • The fibers themselves are assumed to be straight helices.
    • The building blocks are chosen so that the ribbon curls into a helix.
    • Although Concrete art is typically austerely geometrical, it is not necessarily so; Bill's sculpture, for example, often uses graceful spiral or helix shapes.
    • A television monitor showed what was inside: a glowing ball of gas surrounded by a metal helix.
    • Seven of the predicted helices in our final structure are consistent with the model of MacDonald.
    • Both had almost the same number of helices, strands and turns.
    • It described his proposal for a different type of helical structure, which he called the helix.
    • The crucial trick is that the helix is not even: it has a significantly larger diameter in the middle than at the ends.
    • They found that DNA consists of two connected twisted strands in the shape of a helix.
    • The excess is carefully cut away to fabricate the helix shape.
    • Terrified, he ran to a stairwell; its helix curved upward toward the floors above.
    • He was looking at the picture of the helix.