Traducción de Hell's Angel en Español:

Hell's Angel

ángel del infierno, n.


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    ángel del infierno masculino
    • He had some friends that are in the Hell's Angels in California.
    • He made his name 40 years ago by chronicling the notorious motorcycle gang, the Hell's Angels, and writing an excellent book about the motorcycle culture.
    • Barat, who is famous in his native Kurdistan as a singer and woodwind player, combines the styles of the Hell's Angels and the world-music circuit.
    • There are now nearly 600 Hell's Angels in 34 chapters across the country.
    • Four of the sentenced men belonged to the notorious Nomads branch of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang.
    • Jerry Garcia suggested that motorcycle gang the Hell's Angels would be the ideal security team for the show.
    • There was an ongoing gang war between the Hell's Angels and the Outlaws, and it was part of a fund-raising campaign.
    • The drugs supposedly came from the Rockers motorcycle gang, affiliated with the Hell's Angels.
    • He plays about 250 shows a year for audiences that run the gamut from Bible societies to Hell's Angels chapters.
    • He rode for almost a year with the Hell's Angels motorcycle outfit for research on another book.
    • I'm a member of the Hell's Angels but I don't bring them down here.
    • The afternoon parade down the Mall will feature the masquerade bands of Notting Hill Carnival, 5,000 gospel singers, stunt riders, stilt walkers and five decades of vehicles, led by Hell's Angels leader Snob.
    • Sonny Badger, a leader of the Oakland chapter of the Hell's Angels, has sort of retired and has become somewhat of a sociologist.
    • Many Canadians believe that the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang and organized crime figures control this union.
    • Raised by his grandmother, he befriended a chapter of the Hell's Angels motorbike gang, is smothered in tattoos and has his nipples pierced.
    • For all I knew she was getting into a fight with a man from Hell's Angels or some other biker gang.
    • At the concert a policeman warned me there might be trouble from the Hell's Angels - and at the end of the evening he said, ‘Oh, they were marvellous.’
    • Your car hooter goes off accidentally and remains stuck as you follow a gang of Hell's Angels up the highway.
    • They look like they could toss a gang of Hell's Angels without breaking a sweat.
    • Billed as the western Woodstock, the Rolling Stones gig at Altamont on December 6, 1969, became a byword for tragedy after the Hell's Angels who had been hired as security were involved in violence with the drug-addled crowd.