Traducción de hell-bent en Español:


empeñado, adj.

Pronunciación /hɛlˈbɛnt/


  • 1

    to be hell-bent on sth/-ing estar empeñado en algo/+ inf
    • Now it seems the Americans - perhaps with Britain in tow - seem hell-bent on taking care of unfinished business.
    • He expects a busy afternoon against a team hell-bent on making amends for last year's blip in an otherwise tremendous season.
    • Some people seem hell-bent on misinterpreting you, even people you thought weren't inclined to having jerky knees.
    • Joyce was hell-bent on poking fun at the powers that be.
    • There was serious opposition, but it looked like the government was hell-bent on its plan.
    • Here, she plays an extreme introvert who's hell-bent on revenge.
    • He led his team of skilful but unpredictable players to Portugal, hell-bent on adding to his formidable reputation.
    • The rest of society is hell-bent on spending money in other areas but, at the same time, those earning don't want any increase in their tax to pay for it all.
    • A player who was never allowed to scale the heights in his homeland, he is now returning as a crucial component of a team hell-bent on constant improvement.
    • It's pretty much a building site at the moment, but the country is hell-bent on bringing the very best companies out here to make it their Asian base.
    • Europe meets Asia and antiquity meets a young, throbbing, vibrant city as hell-bent on enjoyment and innovation as any city in the West.
    • Just as importantly, these two major powers appear to be hell-bent on usurping an authority which has stood us in good stead for more than half a century.
    • Many of its practitioners seem hell-bent on building muscle mass at any and all costs.
    • The Democrats remain hell-bent on convincing the American public that they are unfit to govern.
    • He still had his arms swinging, his head looking forward, hell-bent on getting where he were going.
    • Under his leadership the Conservatives would remain obsessed with Europe and hell-bent on tax cuts.
    • Each side is hell-bent on refuting the other's arguments, rather than examining them dispassionately.
    • The intruders were hell-bent on taking that which never belonged to them.
    • That would be entirely reasonable from their point of view, as we seem hell-bent on importing a culture they do not like and do not trust.
    • The council seems to be hell-bent on penalising the citizens of York, who are most affected by the scandalous parking charges imposed in the evening.