Traducción de hen party en Español:

hen party

fiesta de mujeres, n.


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    fiesta de mujeres femenino
    (before wedding) despedida de soltera femenino
    • It's a hen party, and I'm the sole rooster - but that doesn't seem to matter.
    • The day after her hen party, the 23-year-old died instantly when a drag-racing drink-driver slammed into her cousin's car.
    • Tourists huddled around maps and a hen party had started to gather nearby.
    • I went to a hen party - women in short skirts and slashed hairdos.
    • ‘One woman once threw something through the pub window when she was extremely drunk and, about two years ago, we had trouble with a hen party from Bradford, who picked a fight with a group of local girls,’ he said.
    • She didn't have a leaving bash - her hen party's tonight, and some of the regulars are going to the wedding reception.
    • We booked a table in the restaurant for a hen party and despite confirming the booking with the manager three times and our names being on the guest list, the restaurant wasn't aware of our reservation.
    • Frankly, if he hadn't emerged by the time Jimmy did, I would have dragged the nearest police officer away from his vital duty of holding a bride in his arms as the rest of her homeward-bound hen party took photos.
    • The two had obtained their flowers from a passing hen party.
    • The young Japanese woman beside me is shaking with excitement, while the hen party to our left is screaming loud enough to raise the roof.
    • While there was a hen party and a 21st birthday bash on this particular night, most of the Opry's visitors are not in the first flush of youth.
    • A hen party is in the house and predatory males start to gather.
    • ‘Everyone said that they'd never been to such a well-run hen party before,’ agrees McIntosh, of her night at One Devonshire Gardens.
    • It is difficult to imagine many other directors who could make a hen party want to go and see a Shakespeare play.
    • Being a student there and having to put up with a hen party in every establishment can get tedious, which is why this place is one of the best bars in the North East even in England.
    • With the booming city of Kilkenny less than a 90-minute train journey from Dublin, the makings of a hen party to remember are on the group's doorstep.
    • We are part of a hen party in the film, so we were singing, shouting and causing a riot basically.
    • Charlton Heston makes an appearance that ends in disaster, so the ladies are left to carry on their hen party undisturbed.
    • The women were among a group of friends on their way back from a hen party in Amsterdam when they discovered the bloody aftermath of a hit-and-run incident.
    • But short of borrowing a boob tube from the hen party along the corridor (a definitive last resort), we stuck to what we knew best: jeans, boots and hefty winter coats.
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    grupo de mujeres masculino