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Pronunciación /hɛnsˈfɔːθ//ˌhɛnsˈfɔrθ//ˈhɛnsfɔːθ/



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    he vowed henceforth never to make the same mistake again juró que en lo sucesivo / de allí en adelante no volvería a cometer ese error
    • henceforth they shall be known as … a partir de ahora / de ahora en adelante / en lo sucesivo se los conocerá como …
    • Besides, even if a sensible plan is henceforth followed, it will only prevent future mistakes.
    • Henceforth in the winter everyone will just have to suffer.
    • Keeping the hurt inside, Killy henceforth learned in an existential manner to rely on no one but himself, and toughened his hide.
    • We vowed that henceforth we would jointly keep a steady eye on the fuel gauge and not let it dip below the halfway mark.
    • Many of those involved down the years believe that henceforward they will find access to a ticket next to impossible.
    • But she must take it further and announce that henceforward her government is committed to telling the truth, unvarnished and unflinching.
    • The company founded and still run by Lowell Gasoi will henceforward devote itself to producing ‘classic’ theatre in the West Island.
    • The government dismissed the judgment and announced that, henceforth, it would not accept the jurisdiction of the court.
    • He may not like it, and he may henceforth see me as ‘the enemy’, as politicians are wont to.
    • This strengthens my resolve: henceforward, should anybody ask, I'm 29.
    • Annabel Goldie - bless her - may henceforth be addressed as Daisy Danderfluff of Willowbottom.
    • The ancient principle of divide and rule will henceforth be applied to British families.
    • Also I am having a party with my flatmate, who henceforth shall be referred to as Blondie.
    • Please recognize that they look stupid and think of them henceforth as lame.
    • Just a short discourse and then this topic is closed on my blog henceforth.
    • Almost incidentally, on August 2, 1883, a decree went up in every town square in Russia: Yiddish theater henceforward would be illegal throughout the land.
    • It stipulated that no concessions would henceforward be given to individuals, only to recognised institutions.
    • Henceforward, I shall regard my heater as having the soul of a poet.
    • According to the new decision, visitors to patients would henceforth be required to carry passes.
    • Posts here will henceforth become briefer and/or more infrequent.