Traducción de hep en Español:


Pronunciación /hɛp//hɛp/


anticuado, argot

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    • Carol catches his wild eye with a perfunctory kiss or two and the promise, ‘I'm a hep kitten!’
    • There are pubs and lounge bars to unwind in, hep streets to walk on, nice shops and glittering malls to browse in and cafes to relax in.
    • It immediately calls to mind your junior high health teacher trying to use hep slang to tell you about why drugs are bad.
    • ‘My mom fancies herself very hep to the jive,’ Cara says.
    • If her sister Lilette managed to steal hearts as the hep mother in ‘Monsoon Wedding’, Lushen is hoping to make her mark with her first film ‘The Perfect Husband’.
    • And while moving to a trailer home in Utopia, Texas and living off-grid sounds great to me, my wife wasn't too hep on the idea.
    • From the ordinary men and women with oiled hair to those in ties and tuxedos in plush offices, and hep teenagers in torn jeans, everyone loves a good bite of fast food.
    • A new clutch of CDs of player piano music by Gershwin, ragtime whizz Zez Confrey and hep jazzer Jelly Roll Morton have just been released by Nonesuch using state-of-the-art computer technology to bring them to new life.
    • What puzzles me is how you can find anybody left in the world who isn't hep.
    • And Tyler should be home from the trip to Austin, Texas, where he played with his other band, the hep Dino Martinis.
    • Yes, there will be the usual hep couples holding hands amid crowds of young people laughing and jostling one another, sipping cafe au lait and espresso.
    • It's not only the variety of brand, but a variety of designs and affordable price range that seems to have let loose a buying spree among the hep crowd.
    • Lost in the bile were the true heavyweights of 1960s Jamaican music that started this hep sound in the first place, foremost among them Prince Buster.
    • Be you the sedate, white tie and waltz type or the rock-around-the-clock hep sort or something in between (as many of us are), there is something to suit you at the Windsor.
    • The multi-coloured hand-made umbrellas made with transparent plastic, with big curved handles, look quite hep and cost 150 rupees each.
    • These hep places give you more than just milk, sugar and some tea leaves - they serve fruit-flavoured tea, flower-petal tea and other such exotic flavours.
    • His infamous recording studio the Gas Station could be considered the hub of the Canadian indie rock sound, plus he's one hep producer to boot.
    • They know they're the coolest little hole in the wall on Whyte, a prairie oasis of hep tunes wherein two currencies are accepted: cash or trade.
    • It was the only name I sort of recognized, seeing that I wasn't hep to the underground coolness vibe of a Vito Valentinetti just yet, so I showed it to my pop and asked him about this Mickey Mantle.
    • In the past one year, lightweight gold jewellery gained acceptance among the young and hep crowd, which used to associate gold with traditions, festival, and other ostentatious occasions.