Traducción de hepatitis en Español:


hepatitis, n.

Pronunciación /ˌhɛpəˈtʌɪtɪs//ˌhɛpəˈtaɪdəs/


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    hepatitis femenino
    • The non-neoplastic liver showed mild fibrosis without signs of cirrhosis or hepatitis.
    • Myocarditis, pancreatitis, and hepatitis have also been described occasionally in severe infections.
    • Sewage can carry cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and dysentery, all of which start with acute diarrhoea.
    • Sharing needles increases the risk of contracting serious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.
    • In viral and autoimmune hepatitis, the collapse is recognized as bridging necrosis.
    • The incidence of infectious diseases such as diarrhoea, hepatitis, Weil's disease etc are on the rise.
    • Patients who are recognised to have a higher risk for bloodborne viruses may be offered screening for hepatitis and HIV.
    • Among the most prevalent liver diseases in this group are hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis.
    • Precautions should be taken against cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and polio throughout the region.
    • The same problem can occur in patients with the other liver diseases such as viral hepatitis.
    • Complications of systemic infection include pneumonia, encephalitis, and hepatitis.
    • Programmes to control leprosy, hepatitis and dengue fever are vividly shown.
    • All subjects with history of chronic liver disease or any other known cause of hepatitis were excluded from the study.
    • Viral hepatitis is the major cause of chronic liver disease worldwide.
    • There were demands for asylum seekers to be forcibly tested for HIV and hepatitis.
    • If a human who has hepatitis or HIV bites you, there is a small risk you may be infected.
    • The only known serious adverse effects of statins are rhabdomyolysis and liver failure from hepatitis.
    • Autoimmune hepatitis is a relatively uncommon disease that mainly affects young women.
    • Death from acute viral hepatitis is usually due to the development of fulminant hepatitis.
    • Humoral autoimmune mechanisms are said to be the connecting link between arthritis and hepatitis.