Traducción de hepatitis B en Español:

hepatitis B

hepatitis B, n.


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    hepatitis B femenino
    • We excluded patients with hepatitis B, HIV infection, or hepatic decompensation.
    • Hepatitis D is only present in people infected with hepatitis B.
    • To date, only DNA vaccines against hepatitis B and malaria have induced immune responses thought to be protective in humans.
    • Fulminant hepatitis B is seen in adult infection and is relatively rare.
    • Most people infected as adults recover fully from hepatitis B, even if their signs and symptoms are severe.
    • Like AIDS, hepatitis B is transmitted through body fluids such as blood.
    • The tests would identify HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, and hepatitis B, among other conditions.
    • Preventing the graft becoming infected with hepatitis B virus has already been discussed.
    • The source individual's blood must be tested for hepatitis B virus and HIV as soon as feasible.
    • This list of tests currently includes hepatitis B, syphilis, and immunity to varicella and rubella.
    • I'm still not that enthusiastic about either hepatitis B or chickenpox vaccines.
    • From the end of the year immigrants will also be screened for HIV, hepatitis B and serious kidney infection.
    • Also in countries where blood is not tested for hepatitis B, blood transfusions may still be a cause of infection.
    • Polio, hepatitis B and rabies vaccines are all made in this way.
    • Other less common but serious infections are also checked for, including HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.
    • Using unsterilized tools may transmit viral infections, such as hepatitis B or warts.
    • Without treatment, about half of babies of mothers with hepatitis B may acquire the infection.
    • Worldwide, hepatitis B is another major cause of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.
    • Certain percentages of people infected with hepatitis B do go on and develop liver cancer.
    • The technology will be applied to viral targets such as hepatitis B and herpes as well as to other infective agents.