Traducción de hereby en Español:


por el presente testamento, adv.

Pronunciación /hɪəˈbʌɪ//ˈhɪrˌbaɪ//ˌhɪrˈbaɪ/



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    (in will)
    por el presente testamento
    I hereby pronounce you man and wife los declaro marido y mujer formal
    • we, the undersigned, do hereby renounce … los abajo firmantes venimos en renunciar a …
    • I hereby solicit trout recipes from all and sundry, starting with the German Guests.
    • I hereby make a vow, not to cheat, but to win quizzes here on in on my wit and intelligence alone, forbearing all use of my fox-like cunning.
    • For the harsh language, for the questioning of your art warrior status, and for the ban, which I hereby lift.
    • I no longer need them so I'm hereby setting them free to be happy in the world somewhere that I am not.
    • Those of you grazing in from InstaPundit are hereby welcomed and encouraged to poke around.
    • In case there is, I hereby volunteer to preside over confessions.
    • Nathan, I hereby denounce you and those filthy words you wrote, no matter what they were.
    • Boris… I, too, hereby announce my complete refusal to play ball with this ID card nonsense.
    • Fans of Sandover are hereby challenged to show how parts two and three don't fit these patterns.
    • In Parliamentary tradition, I hereby refer the honourable gentleman to the answer the free market gave some moments ago.
    • We hereby inform you that your computer was scanned under the IP 195.132. 116.228.
    • In the end John's position ain't gonna change, and neither is mine, so I hereby declare peace.
    • If anyone is taking nominations for the Prince of Procrastination, I hereby humbly submit myself to the competition.
    • I'm hereby resolving to go sew up the tiny tear as soon as I'm finished with this, in hopes that you'll do the same.
    • I hereby declare that I consent to all of the following terms and conditions.
    • We hereby put the PM on notice that we wish to join his medical team and effect a miracle with our cure.
    • I hereby witness the signing of this document by the above named in my presence.
    • It's time for a policy of containment, which I hereby revise to include a blockade.
    • So I hereby absolve myself of guilt should he ever read this.
    • By way of protest, I hereby offer to anyone who wants it my assistance in setting up a Blogspot Blog.
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    (in letters)
    por la presente formal