Traducción de heresy en Español:


herejía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛrɪsi//ˈhɛrəsi/

nombrePlural heresies

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    herejía femenino
    • Once you were baptized into the Church, you were a Christian forever, unless you commit heresy.
    • Christological heresies result when one story cancels the other.
    • Galileo was charged with heresy by the Christian church for having the temerity to suggest that the earth went round the sun.
    • The film comes close to reviving the old Monophysite heresy - as if Jesus is totally divine in nature.
    • The creeds address incorrect beliefs or heresies of the times in which they were created.
    • Most religious cults do teach what the Christian church would declare to be heresy but some do not.
    • Sutcliffe makes no suggestion identifying New Age phenomena with Gnosticism, one of the classic heresies of the Christian church.
    • In March 1638, after a heresy trial, the clergy excommunicated her.
    • The trials of Jesus echoed the criminal procedures of English heresy trials.
    • The Church must be watchful lest false teachers worm their way into the fellowship and spread damnable heresies.
    • The existence of actual witchcraft required the taint of Christian heresy.
    • The church was split by heresies concerning the person of Christ, while Mariolatry was practised to such an extent that even today many Muslims think the Christian Trinity comprises Father, Son and Mary.
    • To our historicist age, Hildegard's Christian Platonism may seem the ultimate heresy.
    • Arguably, the avoidance of passive secularism led to my own eventual entanglement and heresy trials.
    • We believe that Christian Zionism is a Christian heresy - it is really misinterpreting the Bible.
    • Suppression of the movement in Bulgaria intensified after a 1211 synod condemned the heresy.
    • There is neither harsh injustice nor unprincipled love nor Christological heresy in that; there is only unfathomable mercy.
    • That rejection soon led to the Monophysite heresy, which lives on to this day in the Coptic and Ethiopian churches.
    • It is also true, as Colin Gunton makes clear in his essay, that Arianism is a perennial Christian heresy.
    • Augustine spent more than thirty years combating heresy, writing commentaries and interpretations of Christian theology.