Traducción de heroic en Español:


heroico, adj.

Pronunciación /həˈroʊɪk//hɪˈrəʊɪk/


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    • 1.1(brave)

      (rescue/deed) heroico
      • Why the emphasis on the heroic exertion of vision and historiography?
      • They want lively narrative, bold handling of intrepid if not downright heroic characters, and an unflinching recognition of our past militarism.
      • The Arabian knights may be famous for their heroic deeds, but apparently word had failed to spread about their superb table manners.
      • Dutt's heroic deed on the set of Mother India changed the course of his life.
      • Where the most heroic character in the piece also happens to enjoy sadistic torture it's never going to be cheery and relentlessly upbeat, is it?
      • But in the Chinese as well as Western ideology, isn't it the heroic personality in an individual that counts?
      • He writes of the attempt to create a new myth around the heroic individual.
      • We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change.
      • I do not mean to suggest that every heroic act must represent some form of collusion between the will of the achiever and the finger of God.
      • Her heroic labours and vigilant eye saved me from more than mere typographical errors.
      • As he repeatedly said, war is really about survival - the only heroic thing an individual can do is survive.
      • We're very excited with the opportunity to base a game on this time period when pilots were counted on to perform heroic and often suicidal deeds.
      • At present heroic missions are undertaken by activists who smuggle generic drugs into countries where their sale is prohibited.
      • She visited the cottage every day and the sprites brought gifts of seeds and flowers to show their appreciation for the heroic deed he had done.
      • Plucky firefighter Mark Murphy is back home from his heroic mission to help rescue people trapped in the Algerian earthquake.
      • Wallace was a loser - a noble, brave, heroic loser, but still ultimately unsuccessful.
      • I'm more in favour of this kind of character, rather than characters who demonstrate a heroic resolution.
      • She gives her character's heroic fantasies about the scoundrel Earnest an honest dignity without becoming farcical.
      • Dear sir, we know no way to thank you for this heroic deed.
      • Every single one of them represents a heroic defeat.

    • 1.2(grand)

      (scale/proportions) colosal
      • The piece is heroic in its implications, and powerful in its visual component.
      • The complete dominance of the composition by the figures, themselves projected on so heroic a scale, was a major influence on the course of High Renaissance art.
      • They bring the highfalutin heroic language back down to earth and make it palatable.
      • The project stemmed from a critical look at the tradition of heroic, nationalistic exposition architecture.
      • The middle classes preferred the German light or comic operas of Nicolai and Lortzing to the French or Italian heroic works.
      • But he stood no chance - she was having an affair with Dave, one of the forklift drivers, a wild chap built on the same heroic scale, with a wife and children at home.
      • But it was not the grand heroic altarpieces that gave the show its real soul.
      • Yet this serf-conscious heroic aesthetic is relieved by grace in the decor of the palaces, in the glint of sunlight on the golden spires and domes, in the delicacy of the dancers at the ballet.
      • He uses brass - horns, in particular - recalling the grand heroic gestures of Romantic music.
      • It is a heroic piece and becomes the more so when one considers its scale in the context of the artist's physical difficulties.
      • Being aware of our own heritage makes us able to speak the same language that the Iraqis speak - the heroic language.
      • Two towers, he said, was a minimalist sculpture on a heroic scale.
      • The massive and heroic piece was designed to be placed on top of the cathedral, but the city officials decided to place it in a more visible location.
      • The heroic scale of the Interpolis headquarters required a comparably bold landscape design.
      • These two ventures, Gura suggests, are the most heroic scholarly endeavors in American cultural history of the last generation.
      • He designed an ambitious, even heroic, building, but did not live to see it more than barely begun.
      • Otherwise, his talent for timing, body language, and heroic drama are as solid as ever.
      • Kit's lunchbox is decorated with WPA-style heroic locomotives.
      • With his Eroica symphony he inaugurated what is often known as his heroic style, producing a work of unprecedented scale and power.
      • The fictional reference of David's picture is thus epic and heroic in scale.

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    Literatura Mitología
    (legends/verse) heroico
    the heroic age la edad heroica
    • This heroic, nationalist saga has been recapitulated in hundreds of books, articles, and school-texts ever since.
    • The company in the royal or noble hall provided the audience for a literature which mirrored the age: heroic lays recited by professional bards.
    • It must have been during the Dark Age that heroic poetry developed and spread, even if (as seems probable) it originated in the Mycenaean age.
    • Yet this homage to the heroic model of Baudelairean modernity is, of course, a semiparodic one.
    • Yukar usually refers to heroic poetry, chanted mainly by men, dealing with demigods and humans.
    • Indeed, the extent to which the campfire story meets the spirit of the heroic tale of mythology is nothing short of amazing.
    • Written in heroic couplets, many are elegies or stress the theme of Christian salvation.
    • To communicate King's heroic story, text panels alternate with images and objects in a variety of styles and mediums.
    • Most of the stories are heroic epics where the batir and his trusty horse save the clan and its livestock from danger.
    • The Taiping Rebellion had added another dimension to these folk memories, expressed in heroic tales of the imaginary exploits of its leader Hong Xiuquan.
    • This portrait is no mere convention of a heroic genre.
    • The cadence, phrasing, and rhythm of the language is very similar to that found in The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and in heroic contemporary Anglo-Saxon poetry.
    • Outside the formularised heroic literature, descriptions of battles, tactics and army compositions are rare.
    • Ranum marches the reader through examples of the heroic style in theatre, architecture, and art to show the increased anxiety over identity and status.
    • The heroic Greece of the Homeric poems is already a Greece fragmented into independent city-states.
    • The French heroic epic is rigid, narrow and simplified, whereas medieval religious drama is redolent of the ‘everyday and the real’.
    • Readers are invited to continue to submit football haiku or heroic couplets.
    • These include native law texts as well as heroic prose narratives and intricately crafted rhymed verse in hundreds of different meters.
    • Even so, a number of crosses and grave slabs from northern England do incorporate warrior imagery and scenes from Scandinavian heroic culture.
    • One feels that the specific nature of a ‘title’ is being confused with more general epithets common in heroic poetry.