Traducción de heroics en Español:


actos heroicos, n.

Pronunciación /həˈroʊɪks//hɪˈrəʊɪks/

sustantivo plural

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    actos heroicos masculino
    don't try any heroics no intentes hacer ninguna heroicidad
    • Thus, we get both the boiling guitar heroics and songs that bristle to the point of bluntness.
    • Perrin performed heroics to pluck it away from the top corner.
    • The film lacks sentimentality or heroics, and that makes Pollock as strong as its subject matter.
    • In ways, the music is very Bachian but there is also a touch of Haydnian heroics that makes the music very approachable.
    • Suddenly, before I could perform any heroics, I was grabbed forcibly from behind.
    • The stories of heroics performed in war zones to get the story home to breakfast tables will only sound more resounding in the weeks ahead.
    • In the circumstances both matches reached a remarkably high standard with all four players performing heroics as they produced high class tennis.
    • I could envision him performing the heroics described in the article.
    • This is more a symphony in which the piano takes a leading role, rather than an opportunity for individual heroics or display.
    • But it came down to last-second heroics and breathless moments provided by the rarest of talents.
    • It is an ‘ordinary’ girl, not a magic man, who performs the real heroics.
    • You won't be performing such indoor heroics this time around.
    • He captures with equal panache the drag-queenish vanity of Amalfi and the witty heroics of Count Sirocco.
    • Otua had been greatly surprised as she watched Queen Chelsea's heroics.
    • But time for late heroics is growing short.
    • Woolfolk says poise and comeback heroics are nothing new for McNair.
    • Other sets may highlight his humor heroics, but the majority of the material here is below average and borderline dull.
    • Despite regional variations Biedermeier style is therefore staid, sober, and particular, eschewing heroics and drama.
    • Directors have shied away from making gory movies of this genre assuming that audiences find heroics in historical garb unexciting.
    • One again there was a bumper crowd at Cougar Park with an attendance of 252 people urging the team to continue their cup heroics.
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    lenguaje melodramático masculino