Traducción de hesitate en Español:


vacilar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛzəˌteɪt//ˈhɛzɪteɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    try to speak slowly, but without hesitating trata de hablar despacio, pero sin vacilar / titubear
    • I hesitated before going in dudé / vacilé antes de entrar
    • I'd hesitate before committing myself, if I were you yo que tú lo pensaría dos veces antes de comprometerme
    • to hesitate to + inf dudar en + inf
    • I hesitate to ask such a personal question, but … no sé si hacer una pregunta tan personal, pero …
    • I hesitate to criticize a colleague, but … no me gusta criticar a una colega, pero …
    • if you have any problems/questions, please don't hesitate to ask si tienes algún problema/alguna duda, no dejes de preguntar
    • if you need more, don't hesitate to ask me si necesitas más, pídemelo con toda confianza
    • if I thought he was wrong, I wouldn't hesitate to say so si creyera que está equivocado, no dudaría en decirlo
    • to hesitate about/over sth/-ing
    • they hesitated for several days about buying the house estuvieron dudando varios días si comprar la casa
    • she's still hesitating about accepting the job todavía no ha decidido si aceptar o no el trabajo
    • he hesitated over the difficult words titubeaba con las palabras difíciles
    • They watched as Lauren fought on still, and Sarah hesitated, waiting for her.
    • It slowly circled around me, not hesitating, simply waiting for the opportunity to present itself.
    • But James stood at the plate, hesitating, unsure what to do next.
    • Before he could move up all the way to the top of the staircase, he paused, hesitating as he noticed no follower lemming behind him, glancing over the opened railing towards her.
    • There was no reason to hesitate or delay the implementation of the election pledges.
    • Quickly, they headed towards the train station, not pausing or hesitating in any manner; what were they to hesitate for?
    • The road through this landscape moves with serpentine indecision: it rises, curves and double backs, hesitates, sinks, then curves back on itself once more.
    • Each of these icons should open a balloon help when the user hesitates over it with the mouse.
    • They discovered that men are almost twice a likely as women to pause or hesitate when talking.
    • Mankind, divided and confused, still hesitates, vacillates like a sleepwalker on the edge of an abyss.
    • Ely moved closer, slowly, hesitating, unsure how she might react.
    • On the river bank the Rim troops were still hesitating, unsure what to do in the light of their quarry abruptly running back toward them.
    • Men are almost twice as likely to pause or hesitate when they speak unlike women who are more fluent speakers.
    • The entire enterprise occupied about an hour of scampering, filling, waiting, rushing, hesitating, dashing, dipping, and dumping.
    • On a toss to the right side, Thurman beat Parker to the corner but stopped his feet, hesitating and waiting for Parker to make a move.
    • When she hangs up, Martina hesitates for a moment before pushing the sleeves of her sweater back over her suddenly cold arms.
    • Having figured out what she was going to do, she was raising her hand when she paused, hesitating.
    • Mikah paused, hesitating, then lifted his head again.
    • Angelique paused, hesitating - she obviously, Doremi noted, did not want to let the crown out of her hands.
    • During its path along the template, RNA polymerase may encounter positions where it hesitates and pauses for a variable period of time.