Traducción de hessian en Español:


arpillera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhɛsɪən//ˈhɛʃən/


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    arpillera femenino
    • Burnished gold wallpaper, hand-made from silk and hessian, lines the walls on which are hung oil portraits of distinguished grand masters, including one by Raeburn.
    • Once you've got the idea, its simply a matter of sketching the outline with a felt pen on your piece of hessian, and you're away.
    • At 6.30 this morning we moved the rest of the carpet out (some via the window as the old hessian backing was so crispy dry that it wouldn't bend round corners).
    • The children had a choice of fake fur, felt, hessian and netting to transform their bags and then added the finishing touches with buttons and ribbons.
    • Don't store them in plastic bags if you can avoid it, use paper or hessian instead.
    • Terracotta pots can be wrapped in hessian, or bubble wrap.
    • Combine any of these - the more the better - in muslin or hessian bags, and hang around the house.
    • We shuffled inside and sat cross-legged on hessian mats, at least 1,000 people, I reckoned.
    • There was a small boat, an improvised currach-type constructed from hessian stretched over a wooden frame and doused with pitch to make it waterproof.
    • Garden rubbish is also collected in hessian sacks for a small charge.
    • Prior to that, paper was mounted onto stretched hessian and attached to the wall by wooden battens, the traditional way of attaching fabric to walls.
    • To protect shrubs, erect a windbreak by inserting stout canes round the plant and then fixing several layers of hessian or netting to them.
    • The result is magical - part modern colonial, part traditional English conservatory, with hessian blinds to keep out the sun in the summer and screens and heaters to keep it warm and cosy in the winter.
    • The sitting room had curtains made from the famous William Morris floral print in brown, and brown hessian wallpaper, which was very fashionable.
    • Covering the pot in bubble wrap, horticultural fleece or hessian during severe weather should also help to prevent it from freezing.
    • Protect frost tender young trees with tomato stakes and hessian.
    • A small plastic or wooden crate, covered with a sheet of plastic or damp hessian will do until you're ready to plant.
    • Fred, 16, has spent hours in one of the outhouses getting the old cider press to work although the result, says Roger, did taste slightly of hessian.
    • He designs the earthy-coloured clothing and uses printed hessian, synthetic leather and cottons to create stunning ethnic outfits.
    • These would be covered with layers of hessian sacking.