Traducción de heterosexual en Español:


heterosexual, adj.

Pronunciación /hɛt(ə)rə(ʊ)ˈsɛkʃʊəl//ˌhɛdərəˈsɛkʃ(u)əl/


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    • When it came to benefits, those in heterosexual relationships were treated as a couple and got less than they would have if they were treated as two individuals.
    • He was in a stable heterosexual relationship with his partner of over five years and denied being an injecting drug user.
    • In everyday society we do not dwell on a heterosexual person's bedroom habits.
    • Lesbian and gay relationships can be as nurturing and monogamous as heterosexual relationships.
    • Davies, who was in a heterosexual common-law relationship for 24 years, has long been a supporter of gay and lesbian rights.
    • Gay men are now more likely to practice safer sex than heterosexual men.
    • The majority of these cases of heterosexual transmission resulted from sexual contact with a partner who was an intravenous drug user.
    • Experts expect that employers who offer benefits to spouses of heterosexual employees will cover same sex spouses too.
    • Gloria is heterosexual but says she enjoys holding hands, cuddling, and kissing with women.
    • Take a situation where, after the break up of a heterosexual relationship, there are frozen, fertilised eggs and the woman wants to use them to have a child on her own.
    • All the principles we would use to evaluate a heterosexual relationship we would also use to evaluate a homosexual one.
    • It's true, heterosexual people have so much certainty about themselves.
    • This is why heterosexual people have sex even if they don't want - or can't have - children.
    • Men in a heterosexual relationship who also are engaging in sex with other men may not identify themselves as bisexual or homosexual.
    • Compared to most of the heterosexual relationships in the film, however, even a tragic lesbian relationship looks appealing.
    • A new study finds that lesbians earn more than straight women while heterosexual men earn more than their gay counterparts.
    • Unwanted sexual experiences are common in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.
    • This article focuses exclusively on heterosexual relationships.
    • It found no meaningful differences between children raised by gay parents and those raised by heterosexual parents.
    • In the United States lesbians and single heterosexual women generally have full access to fertility treatments.
    • Thus developmental sequence, not age cohort, best predicted heterosexual romantic and sexual involvement.
    • The other students, straight male heterosexual students, make fun of him but I know deep inside that they like him.
    • Most of the couples probably value marriage more than the average heterosexual couple because it's been denied them.
    • If you are gay, and in a relationship, wouldn't you like it to be public knowledge, just as heterosexual de facto relationships are.
    • He says his doctors automatically assume he's heterosexual when they learn he's married.
    • There is ample evidence to show that sexual aggression is a serious problem in heterosexual relationships.
    • Sexual orientation was assessed by asking interviewees whether they are heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual.
    • I'm also proud of the fact that I'm in a monogamous, heterosexual relationship with my soul mate, who happens to be in the form of a man.
    • Teenage heterosexual boys, these mothers know, are bound to bring heartache.
    • Issues surrounding trust and commitment may interfere with condom use in some heterosexual relationships.
    • The data presented here are part of a larger study developing methods to assess power and gender roles in heterosexual relationships.
    • If the relationship is allowed to develop, your friend will most likely find out soon enough whether or not this gentleman is heterosexual.
    • There are few things more intimidating to most heterosexual men than a gay man who is attracted to them.
    • He compares these thoughts to the temptations that married heterosexual men have for women other than their wives.
    • Those who reported heterosexual sexual relationships were also likely to report heterosexual romantic relationships.
    • Therefore, if I were in a committed heterosexual relationship, with no desire to get married, I might well have a legitimate grievance at that stage.
    • The Globe company needs to experiment with casting actors who are androgynous enough to be sexually alluring to heterosexual men.
    • And of course in all this, in heterosexual relationships, contraception tends to fall to the woman to sort out.
    • The incidence of HIV infection and AIDS is growing rapidly among heterosexual women.
    • As a result, I am more in touch with my own sexuality than most heterosexual people could even come close to achieving.


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    heterosexual masculino
    • Even heterosexuals are showing greater skepticism about relationships and marriage.
    • That lesson is now spreading across the country, as more and more heterosexuals stand up for gay marriage.
    • They think marriage is a good idea for heterosexuals but don't support it as much for gay men.
    • It's true, lots of heterosexuals constantly make a big fuss about their sexuality in the workplace.
    • Many bisexuals experience hostility not only from heterosexuals but also from gay people.
    • In Denmark, the gay divorce rate is one-fifth of the divorce rate for heterosexuals.
    • Clearly they assign a greater significance to marriage than considering it just a civil contract, as do most heterosexuals.
    • It is well-known that some people choose to have sex in public places but this is the case for heterosexuals and lesbians as well as gay men.
    • It's high time we rid ourselves of the myth that professional sport is somehow the almost exclusive preserve of heterosexuals.
    • In practice, lesbians tend to be more faithful than heterosexuals are.
    • We believe that gays and lesbians should have the same rights as heterosexuals.
    • Talking about homosexuality is easier for heterosexuals than talking about adultery or divorce.
    • It seems as if heterosexuals are willing to tolerate homosexuals, but only from a position of power.
    • These correlations suggest a variety of influences on heterosexuals ' attitudes.
    • However, to brand heterosexuals and lesbians as somehow naturally more monogamous is misleading.
    • All available mainstream studies show that homosexuals are no better and no worse at raising children than are heterosexuals.
    • Clearly, some gays are unsuitable parents, but plenty of heterosexuals are no great shakes as mummies and daddies.
    • Around half the cases in Swindon are in gay men, while the rest are heterosexuals of both genders.
    • Such a law requires the government itself to treat gays the same as heterosexuals.
    • This would allow same sex couples as well as heterosexuals, to announce their commitment to another person for an agreed length of time.