Traducción de heuristic en Español:


heurístico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌhjʊ(ə)ˈrɪstɪk//hjuˈrɪstɪk/


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    • Although spatial intuition or observation remains the source of the axioms of Euclidean geometry, in Hilbert's writing the role of intuition and observation is explicitly limited to motivation and is heuristic.
    • They're heuristic, providing a medical shorthand, but a shorthand which only goes so far.
    • For any method, or any explanatory theory, to be useful (i.e. have heuristic value) it must be internally consistent and relevant.
    • The heuristic value of a multifactorial approach, illustrated here, should be broadly applicable to studies assessing the quantitative and qualitative implications of various forms of comorbidity.
    • Yet regardless of such formalist elisions, this essay remains enlightening precisely for its heuristic clarity.
    • When we use the term ‘discourses’ we refer to a heuristic device which enables us to talk about configurations of metaphors, analogies and connotations.
    • Where he does develop the first attitude, here and elsewhere in his theology, Christian doctrines are heuristic devices, to be held ‘in principle.’
    • The anti-Darwinist seems to believe that a scientific theory should elicit that sort of faith, whereas the Darwinist requires only that we come to see that theory's social and heuristic usefulness.
    • The appeal of this model lies in its simplicity, logic and heuristic potential (ability to aid discovery).
    • However, this historical fallacy does not, perhaps, detract from its heuristic usefulness.
    • The larger issue here (and it's an issue which arises from the whole genre of literary biography as it is often currently practised) is the heuristic poverty of biographical explanations of works of art.
    • But I do agree that as a rhetorical technique, it can have great impact and as a cognitive tool it may have a great heuristic value.
    • Emotions, he says, are ‘our main heuristic guide to discovering moral truths’.
    • However, the deity's heuristic role in prompting scientific thought should not be confused with its validation.
    • This work will follow two complementary approaches, heuristic and machine learning.
    • On the other hand, when I was reading ‘Process and Reality’, I was puzzled by what its epistemological implications were supposed to be, given its overall heuristic intent.
    • But historians will be uncomfortable with Gleason's frequent recourse to terms like the frontier, corporate capitalism, and industrialization as explanatory or heuristic devices.
    • I also found this study loaded with useful heuristic encapsulations, and often entertaining in its wide-ranging choices for analysis, from early cinema to the present.
    • It is probably true that qualitative methods, heuristic approaches, and phenomenological research are more common in education than in the physical and biological sciences.
    • We conclude that condition is a useful heuristic concept in evolutionary ecology, but its practical value may be limited by the fact that it cannot be measured directly.