Traducción de hiatus en Español:


paréntesis, n.

Pronunciación /haɪˈeɪdəs//hʌɪˈeɪtəs/

nombrePlural hiatuses

  • 1formal

    (in conversation etc)
    paréntesis masculino formal
    pausa femenino
    • But the talks were resumed at the end of last year after a four-year hiatus.
    • Air traffic picked up substantially over Thanksgiving after a two-month hiatus.
    • Very little of the film is revealed other than that it is the return of Chaplin after a ten-year hiatus.
    • The bilateral normalization talks will be resumed after a two-year hiatus.
    • Juliana Hatfield has returned to solo work after a four-year hiatus.
    • After a brief hiatus he put a new band together and came out of the recording studio with this collection of songs.
    • A welcome hiatus in proceedings gives me a chance to check my emails.
    • After a hiatus of a few years, a group of like-minded researchers came together with the aim of reinvigorating the Network.
    • The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is finally meeting again after a hiatus of four-and-a-half months.
    • It appears that Harry has returned to blogging, after a long hiatus.
    • At one stage it looked as if the impasse could lead to a hiatus in Eurofighter production, threatening more than 1,000 jobs.
    • There was a one-week hiatus between closing in Edmonton and opening in Calgary.
    • After a two-year hiatus, rumor has it that Rodman is serious about making a comeback.
    • After a long hiatus he has recently begun writing poetry again, in his late seventies.
    • After taking a one-year hiatus to choose a new director, the festival is expected to continue.
    • The project eventually went ahead after a five-week hiatus.
    • The bombing raids were resumed after a brief hiatus on Friday.
    • After a six-year hiatus from the Scottish Leagues, David Irons was back.
    • Apologies for the brief hiatus in commentary, as I watch Wayne Rooney score England's third.
    • There was about a three-month hiatus, of course, while boats were being fixed and repaired.
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    Lingüística Literatura
    hiato masculino