Traducción de high-pitched en Español:


agudo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhaɪ ˈˌpɪtʃt//ˌhʌɪˈpɪtʃt/


  • 1

    (shriek/sound/voice) agudo
    (instrument) de tono agudo
    (instrument) de tono alto
    • Almost as soon as we dropped into the water we were deafened by a series of high-pitched clicks and squeaks and whistles, and about 20 dolphins turned up.
    • Suddenly, a high-pitched squeal echoed through the valley.
    • Neither of them had a chance to speak however, as the doors swung open with a high-pitched creak, revealing the room within.
    • Above 20,000 hz the high-pitched sounds are not heard by the human ear, but ultrasonic sound is perceptible and even produced by certain animals such as bats and dolphins.
    • Ethiopian wolves are suspicious of people, and if they spot someone in their territory they go on full alert, letting out high-pitched yelps - alarm calls that tell the rest of the pack of the intruder.
    • ‘Hi,’ I said in my stupid high-pitched nervous voice.
    • And then from the hallway there was a high-pitched yell.
    • I grimace, but there is high-pitched laughter from the giggling girls.
    • As soon as I opened the front door, I heard high-pitched yapping.
    • On Saturday I had let Ralph outside and five minutes later he began to emit the unholy high-pitched yelping racket that signals that he has found some prey, and will now chase it out of the yard.
    • She let out a frightened, high-pitched scream.
    • Hearing loss in old age is usually gradual, and often begins with being unable to hear the most high-pitched sounds.
    • And Laurie had a nice - if somewhat high-pitched - voice, she decided.
    • The high-pitched sound can only be heard by the young and is designed to be so annoying that they move away.
    • We heard her before we saw her: high-pitched cries emanating from the hallway.
    • Her peace is suddenly disturbed by the high-pitched screams of an infant down the hall.
    • They ran around the yard, their high-pitched squeals of laughter echoing from all around.
    • Across the hall, Nina could hear a high-pitched giggle behind a closed door.
    • Some of my callers complained that I sounded distant or muffled, and one early version of the phone I used had a faint, high-pitched tone that may have given that effect.
    • I'd spent a good enough deal of my life being picked on - I'm short, I have kind of a high-pitched voice, both things that will get you made fun of by other kids in school.