Traducción de high-powered en Español:


muy potente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌhʌɪˈpaʊəd//ˈhaɪ ˈˌpaʊ(ə)rd/


  • 1

    (car/machine) muy potente
    (car/machine) de gran potencia
    • They'll love the 9310XL, which is the quietest high-power machine I've tested.
    • The gang are still active in west Dublin, involved in the theft of high-powered cars and drug dealing.
    • The Cessna 310 which crashed on Saturday is a high-powered six-seater aircraft, capable of flying long distances.
    • People camp out on the mainland for weeks, pouring their life savings into high-power telescopes, just to catch a glimpse of him.
    • Police officers and SWAT members surround the house with their high-power guns.
  • 2

    (dynamic, forceful)
    (campaign/executive) dinámico
    (campaign/executive) enérgico
    (job) de alto(s) vuelo(s)
    a high-powered management team una directiva de gran empuje
    • Catering for the high-powered executive, the hotel offers a full set of business services and entertainment.
    • The overseas business schools contributing to this new centre of excellence will attract high-powered executives from around the world.
    • He offered Angus a high-powered job and, eventually, the likeable Scot became Sales Manager.
    • His expensive Armani suits are razor sharp, perfect for any high-powered executive, yet flashy enough for a playboy on the prowl.
    • In the past scientists argued that women's brains simply weren't up to the task of high-powered jobs.
    • A high-powered delegation of Waterford city councillors travelled to Dublin yesterday afternoon for a meeting with the Minister.
    • The change from high-powered business executive to lowly prisoner was swift.
    • In both the U.S. and Europe several high-profile cases of successful women quitting their jobs seem to confirm his view that women are choosing to opt out of high-powered jobs.
    • Paul's background is in sales and marketing and his life coaching company normally specialises in helping well-paid executives deal with their high-powered lives.
    • In Japan, high-powered executives of big corporations are put under stress to make strong, resilient men of them, to make them think fast, to make them make decisions quickly.
    • Carol, a brilliant executive in our group, had just lost her high-powered job because of a takeover.
    • Harrelson portrays his character with a depth and darkness that makes it hard to take your eyes off his presence, and Barkin's role as a high-powered executive is sexy and chilling.
    • Chances are you won't get a high-powered job if your colleagues would rather watch paint dry than listen to you.
    • She is preparing to give up her high-powered job as head of public affairs with Cable & Wireless and leave London with her husband Hugh.
    • Today's shock news comes less than three years after she took up the high-powered chief executive post.
    • Mr Butt said she was arranging for a programme of visits to the area by a delegation of high-powered Pakistani businessmen.
    • He was very protective of us, and because of his job as a high-powered lawyer who had convicted thousands of drug dealers and criminals to jail, he was a little paranoid that they would try to harm his family.
    • Relishing her best film role for some time, Stockard Channing is the high-powered business executive wedded to her mobile and merciless in the demands she makes on others.
    • In Washington, the Protocol School's clients include high-powered business executives and members of the diplomatic corps.
    • The marketing committee is one of the most high-powered organs of the board, and deals directly on all matters of revenue, including television rights, team sponsorship and individual series sponsorships.
    • If they want to get ahead, Ms McIntosh says, women have to be prepared to develop thick skins, and the confidence to take the knocks and criticism that go with a high-powered job.
    • Rhian, 35, swapped a high-powered city job for teaching ten years ago and is cherishing the challenge of leading the school.
    • Thirty-something women's lives today are filled with stress as they compete with men and each other for high-powered jobs.
    • I moved to New York City and took a high-powered banking job.
    • As the tourism industry seeks to revive its fortunes over the Bank Holiday weekend, the local economy was due to get a much-needed boost today from a high-powered overseas delegation.
    • Meanwhile, Paul realises his wife - a high-powered advertising executive - might want another child.
    • I went a bit mad when I decided to move on from my superduper high-powered job and work on my own from a cottage in rural Norfolk.
    • He was probably attracted to women who were rich and sleek and beautiful and who worked in high-powered jobs like his own.
    • Some tried to impress me with their high-powered jobs.
    • A former leader of Bradford Council has been sacked from his high-powered job at a West Yorkshire council.
    • After giving up work to nurse her dying husband, she has landed a high-powered job as a PA.
    • It's issues like these - and the prospect of helping other men struggling with the difficulties of marriage to a high-powered executive - that spawned his Web site.
    • Going for jobs which are high-powered shows you are keen to take risks.
    • Pearson's fictional heroine is Kate Reddy, a trust manager, wife and mother of two small children who zips between her high-powered job in the City and her needy but slightly neglected offspring in East London.
    • To be a senior manager, a CEO or any high-powered corporate executive you need to be smart, sharp, presentable and have reasonable charisma.
    • The high-powered job had been advertised at a salary of £171,000 in May but the Council had said it was prepared to go as high as £200,000.
    • I don't do lunch with high-powered executives any more, I'm glad to say.
    • An inconspicuous, soft-spoken man, Bruckheimer contradicts the stereotype of the high-powered Hollywood executive.
    • Unusually, I was not taking part in a high-powered meeting of senior executives, nor was I immersed in a possible board room takeover.
    • Gregory, a high-powered executive whose work involves much travel around Europe which he thoroughly enjoys, was suddenly handed additional responsibility for his company in Asia.