Traducción de high-risk en Español:


de alto riesgo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌhʌɪˈrɪsk///


  • 1

    (involving, causing risk)
    (business/project/investment) de alto riesgo
    (tactics/occupation) expuesto
    (occupation/tactics) riesgoso América Latina
    • Although not considered high-risk surgery, potential dangers include infection and ulcers.
    • In financial circles his reputation for tough decision-taking and high-risk takeovers is legendary.
    • Moving patients between wards is bad practice, particularly with high-risk patients.
    • Even though many investors welcome this new freedom, day trading is very high-risk.
    • It would be a fairly high-risk strategy to buy individual equities.
  • 2

    (at risk)
    (patient/category) de alto riesgo