Traducción de high-speed en Español:


de alta velocidad, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhaɪ ˈˌspid//ˌhʌɪˈspiːd/


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    de alta velocidad
    high-speed trains trenes de alta velocidad
    • That service was sidelined in April when a safety inspection turned up cracks on the brake rotors of all 20 high-speed trains.
    • According to some predictions, every household, school and library will have high-speed broadband access to the Internet by the end of this year.
    • Five high-speed cameras placed around the court follow every ball in flight.
    • But many viewers will choose to download overnight and with the increasing availability of high-speed broadband, the time could be reduced to an hour.
    • The Shinkansen was part of a fleet of high-speed trains which experts say represented one of the biggest advances in railway technology.
    • Amtrak has said it is losing $1 million every week the high-speed service is not operational.
    • It's not a high-speed circuit, there are not many fast corners.
    • Main-line drivers operate high-speed trains on longer journeys and shifts include nights away from home while freight drivers are required to do more night work.
    • The high-speed catamaran was not able to operate a reliable timetable.
    • The money will pay for a fleet of new high-speed trains as well as an upgrade for all 30 stations on the route, and is expected to create about 200 jobs.
    • Just two or three years ago, hotels that offered guests in-room high-speed Internet access were still somewhat of a novelty.
    • The service works with dial-up and high-speed Internet services.
    • The waters of the Adriatic were rough and made the high-speed ferry list back and forth dangerously.
    • Most observers would expect him to travel in the latest military high-speed aircraft.
    • Mr Jowett's cycling career was never the same after he was injured in a high-speed crash in the Lake District in 1977 but he continued riding his bike until two years ago.
    • The 140 mph trains will run fast commuter services from London to Ashford on the new high-speed rail link to the Channel tunnel.
    • Studies show that European subscriptions to high-speed Internet service are on track to surpass those in the United States.
    • Even though these video clips are short, you'll still want a high-speed connection to enjoy them.
    • The first stage of a multi-billion pound high-speed rail network which will run close to York has been given the go-ahead, according to reports at the weekend.
    • In Europe and Japan, commuters zoom between city centers on efficient high-speed trains.