Traducción de high heels en Español:

high heels

zapatos de tacón alto, n.

sustantivo plural

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    zapatos de tacón alto masculino
    zapatos de taco alto masculino Cono Sur
    • When I was living in Madrid, you only ever left the house looking immaculate - pressed suit, high heels, jewellery.
    • She was wearing her high heels and didn't want to make a fool of herself by missing a step and falling flat on her face in front of Jesse and everyone else.
    • I wear flat shoes for walking to work but otherwise it's high heels from Dior, Jimmy Choo or Prada.
    • Large numbers of Manhattan women are also reportedly trading high heels for trainers.
    • She was wearing a charcoal business suit, black high heels, and glasses with thin silver frames.