Traducción de high road en Español:

high road

carretera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhaɪ ˌroʊd///


  • 1

    carretera femenino
    he was on the high road to success iba camino del éxito
    • Here, following the banner of reform, led by the gentlemen of that most aristocratic Whig Government, they saw for a time before them the high road to a better and fairer ordering of society.
    • Learning to accept the flaws in themselves and others is not the pathway to mediocrity; it's the high road to a more loving - and satisfying - life.
    • Take away those rights and ‘freedom of expression’ becomes an empty phrase and we are on the high road to totalitarianism.
    • Virtually all schools of Buddhism see meditation as the high road to enlightenment, and it constitutes a major part of the ‘experiential’ dimension of Buddhism as a religion.
    • It is time to take the high road to a more equal Britain - and a more equal world.