Traducción de high sign en Español:

high sign

seña, n.



  • 1

    (secret signal)
    seña femenino
    to give sb the high sign darle / hacerle a algn la seña de que no hay moros en la costa coloquial
    • Dave was back to the mobile coach window in five minutes, wearing his new gift and giving Joe the high sign from the sidewalk.
    • If I give the woman at the sandwich bar the high sign from afar she starts making my reuben before I've reached the counter.
    • They would come to my house on their weekly visits to the city, give me the high sign, and I would slip them their copies of the Chicago Defender or the Indianapolis Freeman.
    • The fat couple seemed to have already split, and Ethan was on his way out the door, giving Alvin a high sign to show he'd got the joke.
    • On that last day I saw him in person, he kind of gave me a little high sign as he took off to try and track down his missing car.
    • I gave Shurkom the high sign and he disappeared to find a better attack position.