Traducción de high technology en Español:

high technology

alta tecnología, n.


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    alta tecnología femenino
    • This was reflected in Tokyo trading, where stocks surged as investors picked up exporter and high-technology issues.
    • The study was conducted by the University of Illinois of Chicago for Washtech, a national union for high-technology workers.
    • Of course, high-value and high-technology innovation not only means computers and cellphones.
    • That is one reason for the phenomenal growth of high-technology products, says Dr. Srinivasan.
    • As the traditional industries have declined, the service sector and high-technology businesses have expanded.
    • The country's greatest industrial strength is in engineering and related high-technology manufacturing.
    • Many of them have high-technology jobs once held by higher-paid Americans, who are now unemployed.
    • There is a growing service sector and high-technology industries are being developed.
    • To be sure, controlling high-technology medicine poses big challenges in managing treatment.
    • That is one reason, Dr. Srinivasan says, for the phenomenal growth of high-technology products.
    • The forces have tried to seal the notoriously porous border using high-technology sensors that monitor movement by night.
    • But bans will remain on sales of military materials and some high-technology goods.
    • He co-founded two high-technology companies, one of which invented the video technology behind Steven Spielberg's film Jurassic Park.
    • Their vessel is the Pink Lady, a 30 ft high-technology carbon fibre boat, light and designed for the job in hand.
    • This will make us more cost-competitive and allow us to focus on high-technology engineering and innovation.
    • Well, I don't want to get into the details of the wish list, but certainly high-technology aircraft.
    • These are extremely sophisticated high-technology systems.
    • The system was overloaded and the situation was one that managers of high-technology weapon systems worry about all the time.
    • The production of IT related products and services targeted for export markets is generally done in high-technology enclaves.
    • The same is true of hospitals - a place that is superb for high-technology cancer therapies may not be the best place to die.