Traducción de high tide en Español:

high tide

marea alta, n.


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    marea alta femenino
    at high tide en pleamar
    • At high tide at sunrise and sunset the water runs into and fills the moon.
    • As explained earlier, this section is fully tidal and as such alters in depth from low tide to high tide by an average of about 17 ft.
    • There's a phenomenal tide speed that goes past and at high tide it is 8ft above the level of the street for the majority of the Sutton area.
    • At low tide spelunk through caves and touch the base of giant rocks reaching up from the ocean floor; at high tide kayak around miniature islands.
    • At high tide there was a bigger landing boat, which had come after all the small ones.
    • Cargo is transported from ship to shore at high tide.
    • At high tide, the little bay looks deep and blue and can even develop some modest whitecaps.
    • Storm surge combined with high tides and runoff from rainfall took boaters by surprise as new high water marks were recorded.
    • At Kew, there can be as little as three feet of water during low tide, while a high tide results in Hammersmith Bridge becoming almost impassable.
    • The ‘Altmark’ was re-floated at high tide and continued to Germany - minus her prize.
    • To the west of the breakwater the beach height and width has continued to reduce to such a level that at high tide the sea reaches the sea wall.
    • An experiment at Northwestern University in Chicago used oysters that normally opened up their shells at high tide each day.
    • At high tide all that remain of the rocks are tiny islands.
    • Approach channels to the port currently have a draft of 11.6m at all tides, and 12.1m at high tide.
    • Some bodies of water, including parts of the Pacific Basin, have mixed tides, where a single low tide follows two high tides.
    • These creatures migrate to the surface at low tide and burrow back down at high tide - a round-trip of less than eight inches.
    • The country's coastline lies 1 to 1.5 meters below sea level at high tide, necessitating elaborate systems of drainage canals.
    • ‘It was like low tide to high tide in a matter of seconds,’ he said.
    • There was a little hill of sand that separated the lagoon from the ocean when it was low tide, and the two flowed together at high tide.
    • At high tide, many mudskipper species take cover in their submerged burrows to avoid being attacked by predatory fish that cruise the shallows.