Traducción de Highland fling en Español:

Highland fling

danza folklórica escocesa, n.


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    danza folklórica escocesa
    • The men donned kilts, while the women joined in reels and Highland flings.
    • Competitors danced the Highland fling, the sword dance, the Highland reel, the sailor's hornpipe, the Irish Jig and other dances, preferably to the music of the bagpipe.
    • At one point they do a Gay Gordons and then a sort of Highland fling.
    • Other numbers featured the Highland fling, a lively Scottish folk dance complete with bagpipes, but combined with elements of ballroom dance, modern dance and even disco, with the troupe members decked out in various glitzy costumes.
    • I have wanted to come since I was 10 years old and I had a Scottish nanny called Janet Stewart who taught me how to do the Highland fling.