Traducción de highway en Español:


carretera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhaɪˌweɪ//ˈhʌɪweɪ/


  • 1

    (main road) carretera femenino
    (patrol/patrolman) (before noun) de carretera EEUU
    highway maintenance mantenimiento de carreteras masculino
    • It is invisible to eyes looking at road signs along major highways.
    • All were ambushed on major highways regularly traveled by journalists.
    • From my window I can see huge highways crisscrossing the city.
    • Twisty, scenic highways and photographable little towns are what I'm looking for.
    • The strikers staged a sit-down demonstration on Katchery Road, one of the city's main highways.
    • The government has blocked off a major highway for street markets, concerts and plays.
    • To get there, head towards Gyeongju on the main highway out of town and just follow the signs.
    • The infrastructure is lacking: after one year of decent growth traffic has come to a standstill in larger cities and on major highways.
    • It can be reached by highways from the major cities in Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hunan.
    • It should be installed on the streets of every major town and city and along all the major roads and highways.
    • At one point, all major highways into the Maryland city were blocked.
    • I nodded once and looked back out the window as he pulled off the main highway onto a side road.
    • What follows can best be described as an ambling but focused trip down U.S. highways and town streets.
    • No civilians were allowed on the newly closed main highways outside of town.
    • On the trip over, I see the bicycle-only highways between Dutch cities, and the canals that run parallel.
    • Subsequent ice jams threaten bridges and can close major highways.
    • A visit to a reconstructed fur trade post usually takes today's visitor off frequently traveled major highways.
    • Most of the main roads and highways in the city are high enough to have escaped the flooding.
    • While some workers occupied the factory, others blocked one of the town's major highways.
    • The main campus is located within the boundaries of an urban area and is easily accessible by two major highways.
  • 2

    (public way)
    vía pública femenino
    the King's highway la calzada real
    • the highways and byways (of subject) los senderos y vericuetos
    • County highways officials are considering an alternative solution to Tewkesbury town centre's traffic problems.
    • In agreement with highways officials, our engineers will wind up the major part of work in the area on Friday.
    • But highways officials now say the 14th century bridge will be ready to reopen in less than six weeks.
    • Councillors from Horwich and Blackrod met with highways officials yesterday in an attempt to find a solution to traffic problems in Crown Lane, Horwich.
    • The planning sub-committee deferred making a decision until it received more information from the county council on highways issues.
    • But campaigners were dealt a bitter blow when county highways officials confirmed that Government funding would not be available for the bypass.