Traducción de hill en Español:


colina, n.

Pronunciación /hɪl//hɪl/


  • 1

    (low) colina femenino
    (low) cerro masculino
    (low) collado masculino
    (higher) montaña femenino
    (slope, incline) cuesta femenino
    a view of green, rolling hills un panorama de verdes y ondulantes colinas
    • on a hill (on a slope) en una ladera
    • we walked up/down the hill subimos/bajamos la colina (andando)
    • to park on a hill estacionar en una cuesta
    • at the foot of the hill al pie de la colina (or de la montaña etc.)
    • to head for the hills ir hacia / dirigirse a los montes
    • to take to the hills huir / echarse al monte
    • before noun hill country territorio montañoso
    • hill people montañeses
    • hill town ciudad de montaña
    • The landscape of the study area is characterized by low hills and flat lands within the San Miguel de Allende Graben.
    • The structures are so familiar - the way the hills and the roads intersect is so similar.
    • Buses were having trouble getting up the hill on that stretch of road, York Region police say.
    • The interior consists of mountains, hills, valleys, and a high central plateau.
    • The terrain can be hills and mountains as well as towers and buildings.
    • Along the fields, natural waterfalls on the hills or mountains were spreading their beauty like a folding screen.
    • The tribes, rightly, are required to show their connections with various rivers, mountains, hills, and land sites.
    • We are in a rather remote area in a wooded hills near the Pennsylvania border.
    • From the south and west, leave the M20 at junction 7, turning left along the slip road and up the hill.
    • Ignore side roads as you go up the hill and over a cross roads with traffic lights.
    • Rowan Hill is well situated in a very exclusive area overlooking the valley, hills and mountains around Mallow.
    • Practice braking before you try any steep slopes or hills.
    • We had nearly 40 kilometers on flat open roads before hitting the hills.
    • You have to leave the main road and climb a steep hill to finally descend into Marigot Bay, a yachtsman's dream of shelter.
    • Except for the Terminal Moraine boulders of the area's natural hills and valleys, the Park is completely manmade.
    • Mosport is a very tricky track, with hills, drops and off camber turns.
    • The weather in southwestern Germany, with its mountain peaks and rolling hills, can turn nasty in a hurry.
    • Forests, meadow land, rolling hills and mountains, all populated with small villages, are on the menu.
    • She remembered the mountain road with its steep hills and sharp curves.
    • The countryside is beautiful, with farmhouses and rice paddies in the valleys, surrounded by wooded hills and mountains.
    • Your garden may be influenced by very different topography: mountains, hills, flat or rolling plains.
    • He drove up to the hills along the remembered roads, frightening in their familiarity.
    • The flat plains became gently rolling hills and the hills merged with high mountains.
    • Scary Street runs up a steep hill to a T junction onto a busy road.
    • The course has steep hills, and the roads sweep wide, then narrow to cobblestones.
    • A tricky road, on a hill where the cars, as they coast down, can't help but nudge over 30.
    • Carry on up the hill until the road begins to drop again.
    • Backward rolls were always more difficult, though, because there was no way to see the end of the hill or mountainside.
    • It sounded like they were just coming down the small hill on the access road, where it meets the main road at a right angle.
    • I finally reached a section of road with a small hill at the bottom, which lead all the way to a gate and a neighborhood of cookie cutter houses.
    • The southern region is of volcanic origin, with a mountainous terrain of red clay hills, waterfalls, rivers, and streams.
    • The customer also added that the car seemed to run strange whenever she was descending a hill or steep grade.
    • The instructions were to design a simple landscape sketch using a minimum of five to six land forms - hills, mountains, lakes and so on.
    • We have been blessed with everything from deserts and rolling hills to cloud-shrouded mountain peaks.
    • I was going up a hill on an 80k road, and he told me to accelerate.
    • Time after time, he and the girls go back to the same hills, the same stretches of road.
    • They were currently heading down a hill in the road, which had taken effort to scale, but there wasn't any involved in going down.
    • Topography in both areas consists of extensive plains and low hills among mountain ranges.
    • Outside it represents upper areas on the landscape, open fields, hills and land that rises higher than the rest.
    • Above the crest of the craggy hill the pilots had landed on, a small squad of Germans appeared, shouting and motioning to the parachutes.