Traducción de hinder en Español:


dificultar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈhɪndər//ˈhɪndə/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    the progress of the work was hindered by bad weather el mal tiempo dificultó / entorpeció el progreso de las obras
    • I don't intend to let this hinder my promotion no pienso dejar que esto impida que me asciendan
    • He's hindered by the revival of a gift he had in childhood.
    • I am more able to work things out now but sometimes the flashbacks hinder me.
    • Will this not hinder other children and slow down progress as a whole?
    • Howard was a hard man on Home Office issues but it hindered him at the polls.
    • At least the latter should not hinder him anymore.
    • Or should it simply get out of the way and stop hindering fathers who want to do right by their children?
    • We had planned to be in a new building by this stage, but bureaucracy has hindered us.
    • Here again, Robinson is hindered rather than helped by one of his own.
    • The only thing that was hindering me was my ankle.
    • Blind faith in an over-subscribed, vainglorious myth will only hinder you.
    • ‘Financial concerns are the number one thing hindering me from having another baby,’ said Claire, a commercial property agent.
    • On the road, Colin meets various 2D comedy locals who help and hinder him in his travels.
    • Three factors complicate the abortion question and hinder us from reaching a national consensus.
    • At times there are other things that hinder you in granting that wish.
    • Once again my complete inability to draw a straight line is hindering me.
    • To a country boy only seven years old it is terrifying, but Jack is determined his handicap is not going to hinder him.
    • In retrospect, he can see that far from hindering him the college authorities gave him every assistance.
    • The car park in Kew Foot Road is often full, hindering patients who have no other choice but to drive there as they are not fully mobile.
    • He won't do anything that will hinder him as a player, and he will do nothing that reduces his standing as a man.
    • The most recent campaigns have moved the anti-walker argument on again, to claim that baby-walkers hinder normal child development.