Traducción de Hippocratic oath en Español:

Hippocratic oath

Pronunciación /ˌhɪpəˌkratɪk ˈəʊθ//ˌhɪpəˌkrædɪk ˈoʊθ/


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    the Hippocratic oath el juramento hipocrático / de Hipócrates
    • Oh, and the beauty is that according to the Hippocratic oath I should've left you the samples alone and let myself die.
    • But there should also be a community organizers' version of the Hippocratic oath: ‘First, do no harm.’
    • It is embodied in the Hippocratic oath and in the ethical codes of virtually all health-related professions.
    • Of all the institutes that swear oaths, only three use the classic Hippocratic oath.
    • He remained out of loyalty to his Hippocratic oath.
    • I cannot believe that a surgeon who performs an operation with which he or she is not happy is fulfilling the Hippocratic oath.
    • So I think that was the first - it's like the Hippocratic oath with doctors: First, do no harm.
    • That is the central imperative of the Hippocratic oath, traditionally taken by doctors across the Western world.
    • ‘Do no harm,’ the Hippocratic oath tells doctors.
    • The best known written code for practitioners, drawn up by insiders, is the Hippocratic oath.
    • This may sound odd if your vision of medical ethics is the application to medicine of the Hippocratic oath.
    • It is perhaps a strange quirk of the Hippocratic oath that doctors can judge what is in our best interests.
    • The very Hippocratic oath contains a clause speaking out against abortion.
    • The best known of these were enshrined in the Hippocratic oath.
    • I never expected to be treated like this and I just think that a doctor who takes the Hippocratic oath has to act in his patients' best interests.
    • Have the Hippocratic oath or the Ten Commandments been validated?
    • He also wrote an alternative Hippocratic oath, now recited by Tufts and other graduates.
    • I shook hands with the dean, swore the Hippocratic oath, signed up with the Medical Defence Union, and went to a party.
    • ‘You will treat me like any other patient who walks through that door, as per your Hippocratic oath.’
    • First, it is often mistakenly thought to be part of the Hippocratic oath, an assertion that I see made regularly in the lay press.