Traducción de hireling en Español:


mercenario, n.

Pronunciación /ˈhʌɪəlɪŋ//ˈhaɪ(ə)rlɪŋ/


formal, despectivo

  • 1

    mercenario masculino
    mercenaria femenino
    asalariado masculino
    asalariada femenino
    • He was not, however, a hireling of the king of Hungary and Bohemia, but a French general murdered by his own men.
    • Peasants assembled, armed themselves, and prepared to fight off the ruthless hirelings of aristocracy.
    • How did Jacob go from a hireling to a rich man?
    • He left the body where it was; one of his hirelings would clean up the mess, and would also spread the word about the punishment.
    • For ten years before secession, Northerners were commonly referred to as ‘mongrels and hirelings.’
    • It's hardly the sort of thing that engenders team spirit, " mutters one corporation hireling.
    • The identity of the hirelings is obvious from Jesus' prior encounter with the Pharisees over the man born blind.
    • You're a lowly hireling, and I don't have to do one smidge of what you say!
    • Are not his days also like the days of an hireling?
    • The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.
    • No refuge could save the hireling and slave.
    • They provide a frame-work of ideas, perhaps, maybe even a rough draft, but the writing is a job for hirelings.
    • Dominic Grieve, the newly-appointed shadow home secretary, was crestfallen when a corporation hireling mistook him for the Labour MP, Keith Vaz.
    • It sounds more like a hireling, who would run at the first sign of a wolf.
    • You are hirelings and you will do what is reasonable for the time that you work for the company.
    • We must never see them as mere hirelings, off in a corner of our society.
    • Jesus Christ is the "Good Shepherd" Who is more than a hireling for the sheep of God's flock.
    • I should choose to serve as the hireling of another, rather than to be lord over the dead that have perished.
    • These fascists and hirelings are not rising up, they are stamping back down.
    • Southerners resurrected the image of the " hireling ", often extended to include the idea that Union soldiers were foreign immigrants during the Civil War.
    • Claims by big business and their political hirelings that the current levels of public and social services are unsustainable are lies.
    • Evans said, "he did not see how hireling, landless tenant slaves could ever get the means to buy land."
    • The first sound of an innocent human voice since the murder is stifled when Macbeth's hirelings kill Macduff's little boy.
    • The words can be explained as a specific reference to ‘authorities’ and their hirelings, but is that how they will be heard?
    • He says he is just a hireling.
    • As I try on various roles described in this account, I wonder if "hireling" describes me.
    • To such had the policy of the great Irish leader brought the ignorant people who trusted him and his hirelings.
    • Now is the time, the hour has struck to rise like one man, in the battle against the invaders and hirelings, killers of our peoples.
    • But perpetual dissimulation is painful, and he that is all fortune and no nature is an exquisite hireling.
    • But these government hirelings usually reverted to their habits of compulsive criminality and often ended up fighting their personal enemies.
    • Marlowe is "black" in this scenario because he is a poorly paid hireling of a wealthy white woman.
    • These corporate hirelings ' worries as to what they'll say when a real masterpiece emerges must trouble their sleep.
    • Max turns from hireling to hostage, and the movie's fine-tuned thriller motor gets purring.
    • In ordinary terms, if the shepherd dies defending the sheep they are no better off than with the hireling who ran away.
    • Then we sign petitions to crowd our ballots with initiatives, in effect telling our hirelings that we can do a better job than they can.
    • All honest men can see the obvious truth that globalization is a terrible thing, and only a capitalist hireling would deny it.
    • These cities contain walls, player-owned houses, NPC hirelings, and guild-run shops, all of which can be upgraded over time.
    • And so Max turns from hireling to hostage, and Collateral's fine-tuned thriller motor gets purring.
    • Emotionally deprived in early life, hewas an orphan and child hireling, eventually institutionalized at age 31 after attempting to molest a three-year-old girl.
    • They cowered in the corridors of Parliament House when a hireling of John Wren whispered what might happen to them if they did not toe the line.