Traducción de hirsute en Español:


hirsuto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhɪrˌsut//hərˈsut//hɪrˈsut//ˈhəːsjuːt//ˈhərˌsut/



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    hirsuto formal
    • I am hoping that my hirsute body will prevent any bugs from plundering the sanctity of my inner ear.
    • Not as conscientious as the hirsute man in front of me, I took this as my cue to step out of line.
    • He is no longer the hirsute bombshell he was in those years, but his love for the jersey, his influence on Limerick hurling, is as strong as ever.
    • And as a hirsute man, I don't think a blast of bronzing mist would do me any good whatsoever.
    • Their daughter studied the hirsute heavily built actor and decided, ‘Oh, it's Daddy!’
    • One of the two is hirsute and capable of weaving, whereas the other is bald and incapable of weaving.
    • More than eight out of ten hirsute he-males told some infantile men's magazine that their chest fuzz made them feel more manly.
    • In college I was introduced to a friend's friend, a short, cute, hirsute writer named L. who drank too much.
    • Bears wake from their long hibernation, now, hirsute initiates with tales to tell to those with ears to listen.
    • But the boy is still visible beneath the hirsute exterior.
    • It's not the hair on his chest that socially disadvantages the hirsute man.
    • Little wonder that the petite, sharp-eyed Phoolan, is hurt by comparisons to the avuncular and hirsute Veerappan.
    • I am huddled in a tight semicircle with a group of exceedingly hirsute young men, all wearing corduroy sport coats, all staring intently at the stage.
    • He left quite a legacy - unwashed, hirsute fans, a bootleg archive that rivals the Library of Congress, and a tasty ice cream flavour.
    • The nineteen-year-old in question is precociously hirsute on account of his Mediterranean parentage.
    • And what did an irredeemably hirsute activist do?
    • They all know who Kahlo is, especially since a hirsute Salma Hayek played her in the Oscar-nominated biopic Frida.
    • He's by no means hirsute himself, judging by the jacket portrait.
    • All else having failed, will their hirsute image do the trick?
    • Anyway, I have nothing per say against classic FM rock and its hirsute, highway-star riffage.