Traducción de hissy fit en Español:

hissy fit

rabieta, n.

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    rabieta femenino
    • When the pranksters revealed their hoax on Tuesday, the TV reporters threw a major hissy fit, outraged at having been sucked in.
    • She'll probably just end up throwing a hissy fit and saying that we're trying to steal her boyfriend, but whatever.
    • But there was no reason to throw a hissy fit over it.
    • Heather throws a hissy fit every time I go there.
    • While Russia expressed cautious support for the Franco-German initiative, the United States, predictably, threw a hissy fit.
    • Hazza throws a hissy fit about her mentioning them.
    • The Baron is also known as the BB, or The Big Boss, which he aptly called himself when he threw a hissy fit at a former chef.
    • Lou throws a jealous hissy fit and Harold kicks him out.
    • If you throw a royal hissy fit this week people will probably laugh, and how much madder will that make you?
    • During the subsequent backlash, he lost his rag and threw a total hissy fit, complete with flecks of spittle flying from his mouth.
    • The pair is soon joined by Jesse's brother Miles, who throws a hissy fit and captures Winnie.
    • Instead of throwing a hissy fit, flinging insults, and taking down the flag, Hamm quietly negotiated to ensure his people got the best possible deal.
    • In two days, we hadn't even gotten through one whole song before dear Julian decided to throw a hissy fit.
    • And we got so bad that my mom would want to take me out for a feeding and I would cry and kick and throw a hissy fit.
    • After a few more seconds, he said, ‘Now, can I kiss you again or are you going to throw a hissy fit?’
    • Susan had thrown a hissy fit early on, not that David could really blame her.
    • I mean, one of the only times they've lost was because their coach threw a hissy fit and got them a 5-on - 3 disadvantage.
    • I looked over and saw Miranda throwing a hissy fit.
    • She disliked Heidi to a point where if Heidi was in Ryan's room Nicole would throw a hissy fit until she left.
    • Just as business was picking up, however, a young lady approached us, read the sign, and promptly threw a hissy fit.