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histórico, adj.

Pronunciación /hɪˈstɔrək(ə)l//hɪˈstɒrɪk(ə)l/


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    (relating to past events, people)
    there is some historical evidence to believe that … hay bases históricas para creer que …
    • the greatest earthquake in historical times el mayor terremoto de la historia
    • a historical novel una novela histórica
    • Years ago, authors used to take their time about writing about historical figures.
    • Why should it be illegal to deny the existence of a historical event we all know took place?
    • Also, it is based more on historical developments than on religious teachings.
    • Many address recognizable contemporary events and the broad historical dynamics of cultural change.
    • You also console yourself with the knowledge that these are historical artefacts from a bygone era.
    • To that end, Grass says they're playing the archetypes rather than the historical figures.
    • Further insight can be gained by studying the historical development of an author's thought.
    • Without it, York's historical fabric would have been ruined and its retail heart irreparably damaged.
    • Until recently, the subject was studied as historical periods rather than particular units.
    • He said another important concern involves the two warships' historical background.
    • I'm sure that historical religious figures would be annoyed by all the din produced today.
    • As with all great historical figures, the myth is both powerful and pervasive.
    • The work opens up the world of this historical people, namely the ancient Greeks.
    • We begin with an analysis of the historical development of British industrial relations.
    • We urge tram workers and all those looking for a way forward to turn to a study of these vital historical lessons.
    • Ellroy pioneered the introduction of real historical figures and episodes into his novels.
    • Contemporary historical sociology is concerned above all with how the state has developed since the Middle Ages.
    • Belief in a religion is belief in an idea and in particular historical figures whether Muhammad, Christ or Joseph Smith.
    • Studies based on historical records are necessarily limited in the kinds of questions they can answer.
    • Our cast list expanded to include historical figures remembering the distant rather than the recent past.
    • Do you have a favourite place, food, drink or historical figure in Bulgaria that you will also remember?
    • There's a speculative component to attempting to do diagnoses on historical figures.
    • But she says her love of the ancient sport traced back to a family passion for historical weaponry.
    • This article is based on analysis of historical and contemporary data, including interviews and site visits.
    • This may be due to the constant reminiscing of certain horrendous historical events.
    • Backed by a wealth of material, the book revealed in detail the historical facts concerning these events.
    • The burial ground of some of the area's leading historical figures is regularly the scene of attacks.
    • It is, supposedly, new and different and it would be inappropriate to set every event in its historical context.
    • The burial ground of some of Carlow's leading historical figures is regularly the scene of attacks.
    • The actors discuss the challenges of playing recognisable historical figures.
    • We give a little historical background to these events in our article Babylonian mathematics.
    • The version presented here is based on United Nations historical documentations.
    • The girl will also tell the important historical events in India in the last 500 years.
    • Two historical figures, then, standout as examples and mentors for us today.
    • For the practitioner, it presents a landscape of historical figures that have made their mark.
    • It is not easy to get inside the head of a real-life historical figure but Galloway has accomplished this with absolute ease.
    • Second, Coerver and Hall exhibit a knack for casting recent events in historical perspective.
    • Only later is the full historical significance of the event clearly evident.
    • They do not have the same concerns about historical objectivity that professional historians do.
    • The audience surveys a melange of imaginary figures, and historical ones both famous and obscure.
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    (factual, true)
    it's a historical fact that … es un hecho histórico que …
    • the historical Jesus Jesús, el personaje histórico
    • a historical reenactment of the battle una representación históricamente fidedigna de la batalla
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    (related to history)
    (atlas/research/study) histórico
    the historical method el método histórico
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