Traducción de hit en Español:


dar un golpe en, v.

Pronunciación /hɪt//hɪt/

verbo transitivohitting

  • 1

    • 1.1(deal blow to)

      (table/door) dar un golpe en
      (table/door) golpear
      (person) pegarle a
      she hit him with her handbag le pegó / le dio un golpe con el bolso
      • he hit her across the face le cruzó la cara
      • he hit the table with his fist dio un puñetazo en la mesa
      • she hit a marvelous backhand hizo / dio un maravilloso revés
      • to hit the brakes/accelerator darle al freno/al acelerador
      • (let's) hit it! ¡dale!
      • hit it, man! it's nine thirty already! ¡apura, hombre, ya son las nueve y media!
      • to hit sb for money/a loan pegarle un sablazo a algn
      • The sound of her backpack hitting the ground brought her faithful puppy running.
      • The pain in his temple was killing him and his sides hurt from being hit, more than once.
      • Then there was another group which hit their backs with wound up pieces of rope.
      • Haley held the hammer just above the head of the chisel for a moment before flicking it back and bringing it down, hitting the jewel hard.
      • He fell quickly and soon hit the metal grating that was only about one foot in width by two foot in width.
      • She let her gaze rest on the slipper for a moment, then brought it forward and hit it on her head.
      • Previously, detainees have been hit or tortured during questioning, villagers say.
      • She suffered a fractured shoulder, cut hand and facial injuries and may have been hit with a belt by her attacker.
      • The feeling of someone's foot hitting her chair brought her back to reality.
      • At the least, get some forewarning before crossing the street at the wrong time and getting hit by a bus, and that sort of thing.
      • He lost control of the car on a sharp bend, veered on to the wrong side and hit a Corsa then Mr Rowland's Mazda.
      • The purpose of the arm is to protect your face or head from contacting or hitting the cement.
      • One woman was left bleeding and suffered head injuries and another suffered a broken finger after being hit several times.
      • This was followed soon after by Feder trying to execute a backhand shot, but accidentally hitting Robin in the arm.
      • The sound of someone hitting the water brought her attention back.
      • They are taught that it is wrong to hit others and that they should not throw objects or break them.
      • He had taken only a few steps when he heard the sound of a body hitting the concrete behind him.
      • A forensic pathologist later said the injuries were not consistent with a fall, but from hitting a large, flat surface.
      • The sound of a toolbox hitting the ground brought her head back around.
      • I'll almost certainly miss the fly and hit some poor unfortunate by-stander instead.
      • I blocked it by hitting it quickly back to his side.
      • The feel of his arm around me as he made sure my feet hit the ground brought me back to a time I missed.
      • To his credit he recovered quickly, rolling backwards as soon as he hit the ground.
      • A punch connected with my jaw and sent my head back, another punch hitting my gut and bringing my body forward.
      • He then hit Zoro over the head causing him serious injury, and took his wallet.
      • Tyrhenae rolled over on the couch, accidentally hitting Tsuyoi on the head with her foot as she fell off.
      • It was the sound of Sarah hitting the floor that brought him out of his trance like state.
      • Some common causes of fractures include falls, car accidents, child abuse, running, or something hitting the body.
      • One man suffered serious eye injuries as a result of being hit with a bottle.
      • It is believed he was hit by a car and fell backwards, suffering serious head injuries which led to his death 10 days later.
      • He dove down into the prepped hole and spread his wings before he hit the sand.
      • He doesn't like being hit in the body, and after three rounds he's not the same fighter.
      • Sure, he had been hit by a drunk driver, but maybe his injuries wouldn't have been so bad.
      • The feel of his boot hitting my side brought pain.
      • That would depend on how forcefully it hits the floor and how much air pressure is in the ball.
      • As the metal weapon hit his injuries, he let out a grunt of pain and released the sword from his grasp.
      • She stepped out of the crowd and was hit by a cyclist, receiving serious head injuries.
      • The weapon never hit its mark, bouncing off of a barrier made from blackened shadows.
      • Mr Scaife said the women had severe head injuries consistent with being hit by a train.
      • And if you encounter any Mizaya, remember that the only way you can kill them with your weapons is by hitting them in the eyes.
      • They both moved quickly and never made a sound until they hit the ground.

    • 1.2(strike)

      the hurricane hit the town yesterday el huracán se desató sobre la ciudad ayer
      • passers-by were hit by flying glass los transeúntes fueron alcanzados por trozos de cristal
      • the truck hit a tree el camión chocó con / contra un árbol
      • the house was hit by a bomb una bomba cayó sobre la casa
      • the bullet hit him in the leg la bala le dio / lo alcanzó en la pierna
      • I've been hit! ¡me han dado!
      • we destroyed their camp before they knew what had hit them destruimos su campamento antes de que pudieran reaccionar
      • you feel nothing for a while; then tiredness hits you al principio no sientes nada, luego te entra el cansancio
      • to hit one's head/arm on / against sth darse con la cabeza/el brazo contra algo
      • Trinity gasped as she sat up, her side hurt from hitting herself in her sleep.
      • I managed to swerve and avoid hitting them but I grazed the bicycle and we all fell.
      • The clearing they were in was large enough for the Lady to fully spread her great wings without hitting a tree.
      • Anyway, down the bloke went and hit is head a right wallop on the pavement.
      • It was so dark out in the halls that he did not see the door and wound up hitting his head against it.

  • 2

    • 2.1(strike accurately)

      (target) dar en
      you've hit it exactly has dado justo en el clavo
      • he doesn't seem to be hitting the high notes properly parece que no llega bien a los agudos
      • He was unfortunate enough to be hit in the head by a high-velocity military rifle bullet.
      • Eight people were injured during the trouble, some of them passing motorists hit by missiles.
      • Several bullets flew by him quickly one hitting the ground beside him.
      • She twirled it once, aimed, and the bullet hit a target a few inches to the left of the bull's eye.
      • The bullet hit one of his vitals and it was the reason he was in the hospital for so long.
      • Violence returned six centuries later when Mile End was hit by London's first ever flying bomb.
      • He heard the German aircraft overhead and the explosions as the bombs fell, but had no idea the town centre was being hit.
      • Cohen said at least one bullet hit Diallo while he was lying on the floor.
      • Every bullet hit its target as she accurately predicted the movements of her enemies.
      • Huge plasma screens were used to show the assembled media grainy footage of missiles hitting their targets.
      • It had not been hit by a missile either, nor had there been an onboard fire.
      • Mr Sykes, 52, an epileptic, was nearly hit by the missiles and later suffered a minor fit he blames on the attack.
      • Other humanitarian relief agencies have also been hit in air strikes on at least two other occasions.
      • One fan, hit by a missile hurled through a window, was treated for a head wound.
      • Every one of the soldiers inside the Red Death was hit by hundreds of ricocheting bullets.
      • The Ekupumleni coach and two players sustained hand injuries after being hit by the same bullet.
      • An explosion rocked the hull as the back end of the helicopter was hit by the missile.
      • The gunman exchanged a volley, two bullets hitting Rift - one in the side and the other in the shoulder.
      • Separately, another vehicle was hit with gunfire, wounding a marine.
      • The missiles hit the target with a force the size of the planet they were orbiting.

    • 2.2(attack)

      (enemy/opponent) atacar
      the critics hit the new play hard los críticos arremetieron contra la nueva obra
      • thieves have hit many stores in the area ha habido robos en muchas tiendas de la zona
      • Computer thieves hit Mesh Computers last night and swiped its office admin PCs.

    • 2.3Deporte

      to hit a home run hacer un jonrón América Latina
      • After getting some pine tar from the top of his gooey batting helmet, he hit a solo home run with two outs.
      • When the winning run is on base and a home run is hit, all runs and the batter are allowed to score.
      • Most nights, Kent would decline to shake hands when returning to the dugout after scoring a run or hitting a home run.
      • Sinead Coakley won possession on the left and sped down the left wing and hit the post.
      • She was a tall, heavyset girl, known for her continuous power hitting.
      • Pujols worked Harville to a full count before hitting his 23rd home run into the Houston bullpen.
      • Or (to take a different example) someone familiar with a cricket bat regards it as a piece of wood for hitting balls.
      • We quickly made the flip and caught Damon Stoudamire hitting Zach Randolph for the game winner.
      • So, if you hit a home run you get one because you have scored.
      • Under pressure to hit it quickly, the midfielder boomed his shot high over the crossbar.
      • Mealey has a knack for hitting the hole quickly and bouncing off defenders.
      • Morales hit his spectacular home run in the third inning to the right field.
      • Four plays later, the Seahawks led 17-after Hasselbeck hit Alexander for a 3-yard TD pass.
      • Well, I can count on one hand the amount of cross-court nicks that were hit during this event.
      • McNair rolls right and hits McCareins for another first down, between three Steelers defenders.
      • Anderson is patient enough to wait for his blockers to open a hole, and when they do, he hits it quickly.
      • And then Blake got on another roll, hitting Taylor for 14 yards on third-and - 12 and then Terry Jones for 27 on the next play.
      • Last Sunday, he hit Drew Bennett for a 23-yard touchdown pass with 17 seconds left to defeat the Houston Texans 27-24.
      • Breaking on the right, he cut in and hit a low, hard shot which the keeper could only parry into the net.
      • Equally skilled at hitting, fielding, and base running, he led the Yankees to ten pennants and eight world championships.
      • Enter Steve Nebraska, a goofy guy living in a small Mexican town with knack for hitting and pitching.
      • He feels it hinders him from hitting the holes as quickly as he wants.
      • As a result, they are able to break up passes and hit receivers quickly before a play can be made.
      • This is like hitting a hundred home runs in a season: it's not just a record, it's an almost inhuman blowout.
      • But Kitna quieted them quickly, hitting his first two passes for 25 yards.
      • Lee also should flourish at the plate hitting at Wrigley Field.
      • Ichiro Suzuki of the Mariners rounds the bases after hitting a solo home run during the fourth inning against the Indians at Safeco Field in Seattle, on Saturday.
      • Both have improved their deficiencies-Gotay in fielding and Murphy in hitting.
      • Peter Allen hits a home run off of Carol Channing, scoring two runs.
      • Did you see that home run he hit the other night against the Cards?

  • 3

    (affect adversely)
    afectar (a)
    the strikes have hit production badly las huelgas han afectado gravemente a la producción
    • the low-income groups are hardest hit los grupos de bajos ingresos son los más afectados
    • think how it would hit your family piensa qué golpe sería eso para tu familia
    • News that the property was to be demolished and redeveloped came as a relief to businesses which had been hit by the closure.
    • The virus has resulted in staff shortages at several hospitals but has hit Hope Hospital badly.
    • The biggest emergency aid effort in history was under way last night to bring relief to millions hit by the Asian tsunami.
    • Warminster town councillor Les Rose said the closures would hit the elderly hardest.
    • With injuries hitting Bradford hard, Pratt's utility back status is proving an enormous boon.
    • The figures are the latest in a series of problems to have hit The Gathering Place.
    • At the start of the event, he had to try to clear his mind from the tragic events which had hit Spain.
    • Major problems hit Glossop town centre from 5pm after the River Etherow burst its banks.
    • The event in Umag was hit by a string of retirements on Tuesday.
    • However, the 57-year-old admits that he is concerned about the possibility of a recession hitting Scotland.
    • Staveley, near Chesterfield, has been hit hard by the closure of a number of major employers in the last decade.
    • Out came the story of the night's events, the aftershocks hitting Sofia harder and harder with each impact.
    • Clearly, the downward turn in the business cycle is hitting Germany hard.
    • The service tax and the cess on each banking transaction will hit everyone badly.
    • I believe the charging regime is hitting local York businesses hard, and have never seen Micklegate so quiet as it has been in recent weeks.
  • 4

    • 4.1(meet with, run into)

      (difficulty/problem) toparse con
      • I know what it's like to be in a side that gets hit by injuries.
      • However, in recent matches Baltinglass too have been hit by the injury bug.
      • Selby's hopes have been hit by injuries to several key players but they are hopeful the majority will pull through.
      • Honduras has been hit by a week-long strike of heavy cargo truck drivers and oil workers.
      • In addition to an overall slowdown, the world economy could be hit by a series of shocks.
      • The unfortunate Washington man had hit hard times and was determined to get his hands on some loot.
      • The government and the companies have yet to be hit by coordinated strikes.
      • His progress this time around has been hit by a serious injury setback.
      • But he also suffered open wounds on his body and was then hit by a pneumonia-type virus.
      • We have got a small squad and when we have been hit with suspensions and injuries it has made it difficult.
      • These areas are also being hit by high rates of unemployment that put an added pressure on public facilities.
      • Manchester Airport was hit by a small-scale strike by security workers today.
      • Coming back to the form of two years ago, Westmeath have been hit by a chilling catalogue of injuries.
      • Agents agree that the top end of the market has been hit by the recent downturn.
      • A group were handing out leaflets at the weekend in part of Oldham, hit by recent race riots, when police moved in.
      • Others report that some of BT's websites have also been hit by the snag.
      • But the Flaxby Road outfit have been hit by a horrendous injury list that has robbed them of six first team players.
      • Meanwhile, the Nigerian education sector is also being hit by strike action.
      • The management committee at the St Michael's Centre is understood to have been hit by a massive rent increase.
      • Services across the north west and Wales will be hit by the strikes while the deadlock continues.

    • 4.2(reach)

      llegar a
      the price of oil hit $40 a barrel el precio del petróleo llegó a / alcanzó los 40 dólares por barril
      • the dollar hit a new high la cotización del dólar alcanzó un nuevo récord
      • we're bound to hit the main road sooner or later tarde o temprano tenemos que salir a la carretera principal
      • to hit town llegar a la ciudad
      • to hit the headlines salir en primera plana
      • his record first hit the charts two weeks ago su disco entró por primera vez en las listas hace dos semanas
      • this model will hit the market in 2005 este modelo se lanzará al mercado en 2005
      • He needs to hold the election quickly before the slump which will inevitably hit the country later this year as a result of that crisis.
      • Our love affair with borrowing and spending now seems to be grinding to a halt, with retail sales figures hitting a 10-year low in April.
      • The songs emerge with great intros but quickly hit a standstill and that's where it all goes downhill.
      • The Australian dollar may top 70 cents sometime this week after hitting its highest levels for nearly six years.
      • This is Silicon Alley where Lower Broadway hits trendy Greenwich Village.
      • The advent of the free Metro newspapers in the main cities is likely to hit these figures even more.
      • At present the Irish labour market remains amazingly resilient despite unemployment hitting its highest level in three years.
      • Last year the figure reached capacity, with deliveries hitting the maximum so-called safe number of 4,800.
      • Jewison saw Garland sick, nervous and depressed, yet hit every note and bring the house down.
      • In Britain, interest rates this summer hit their lowest level for 50 years.
      • Zimbabwe faces its fourth straight year of falling growth, while inflation is likely to hit triple figures.
      • Consumer optimism continues to rise, hitting its highest level since November 2001.
      • Share prices have tumbled globally, with Britain's FTSE share index hitting its lowest level for six years.
      • I think this throws up an abundance of deeply shallow, poorly constructed art that very quickly hits its sell-by date.
      • Approvals for new house constructions have already hit the lowest level for three years.
      • On some flights we are hitting that [figure], on some we're not.
      • As the coffee commodities market hits an all-time low this year, shade grown remains the next urgent frontier in the certification game.
      • The family of an ill youngster have hit the right notes to find a new way of bringing a smile to his face.
      • After hitting a few wrong notes, Jedidah was able to copy the notes Vespera played perfectly.

  • 5

    (occur to)
    suddenly it hit me: why not … ? de repente se me ocurrió: ¿por qué no … ?
    • it suddenly hit me where I'd seen him before de repente caí en la cuenta / me di cuenta de dónde lo había visto antes
  • 6argot

    liquidar coloquial
    cepillarse España argot
    limpiar Río de la Plata argot

verbo intransitivohitting

  • 1

    (deal blow)
    he hits hard pega duro / fuerte
  • 2

  • 3

    (strike target)
    hacer impacto


  • 1

    • 1.1Deporte
      (blow, stroke)

      golpe masculino
      • Vulture blocked 2 hits from Spruce, punched Spruce in the face, and kneed him in the stomach.
      • After a few critical hits to the gut and head, she brought her hands together and unleashed a bright light in the form of alchemy.
      • Instead of a quick hit or slap, we now saw and heard a sustained series of blows.
      • Zenith the Great will continue to destroy evil with his super critical hits!
      • More of Filho's hits are missing their targets, and suddenly he lands another low blow.
      • Then suddenly he felt a blinding hit at the base of his skull, which sent him back into a black abyss.
      • As in a real duel, if both fencers hit at the same time, both hits are counted.
      • He flinched when Isabelle appeared beside him, anticipating another powerful hit.
      • He yelled back as I went to make another hit but he just grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back.
      • And she might have done so, for she was preparing her hand for the hit, when a knock was heard at the front door.
      • This remark earned him another playful hit across the arm and an eye roll from Caelyn.
      • The force of the hit knocked Anthony back until he was leaning against the Post Office wall for support.
      • He looked up, familiarity striking him like a hit to the head with a blunt object.
      • They both were subjected to a daily barrage of insults, hits, cursings, and cruelty.
      • A novice archer would also bow to the target after the first hit of the day, while advanced archers would not.
      • I'd felt several different hits when the horse knocked me down but hadn't really assessed the damage yet.
      • Which brings us to our quiz, when Googled, which drug has the most hits?

    • 1.2

      (in shooting) blanco masculino
      (in archery) blanco masculino
      (in archery) diana femenino
      (of artillery) impacto masculino
      • The target showed five solid hits and once more the NRA referee verified the result.
      • Direct hits of asteroids that size are believed to not always make it to earth but instead explode in the atmosphere.
      • Two direct hits with 120 mm armor-piercing shells caused no damage.
      • I have been here before, so when his hand goes behind his back, I let him have it with several direct hits.
      • For the most part, though, Fey hits her target dead-on.
      • Both he and Alex had scored direct hits, blowing most of Spencer's chest away.
      • Buckingham Palace had, after all, suffered direct hits during the Blitz.
      • For the hot summer days ahead, Dimitri mixes, selects and scores a direct hit.
      • Results were impressive with the longest bomb only 50 ft away from the target and many direct hits.
      • But not one of the bombs scored a direct hit, though the very-near misses almost shook her to pieces.
      • It does not have to be a direct hit; the substation supplying your sector of the grid may be miles away, yet the line will go down.
      • The Gardai have scored some direct hits against the dealers in recent weeks.
      • Their carrier sustained roughly forty broadside plasma hits and continued to move forward.
      • When it finally began to score direct hits Shinji noticed a blue-green orb appear around the fighter.
      • In another scene, three aircraft come in, drop three bombs on Japanese artillery positions and score three direct hits.
      • HMS Steam Gun Boat No 7 fired two torpedoes at her, one of which scored a direct hit.
      • A direct hit would have occurred had you answered in a way that implied a logical contradiction.
      • It would allow a missile fired by a fighter to react to evasive movements by its target, ensuring a direct hit.
      • Two direct hits for run-outs put Southport on the back foot.
      • Her friend's house took a direct hit, but fortunately the family were out.
      • Two of the targets received direct hits from above, while the rest were sprayed by numerous fragments.

  • 2coloquial

    éxito masculino
    (record/song/show) (before noun) de gran éxito
    the Beatles' Greatest Hits los Grandes Éxitos de los Beatles
    • the show/song was a big hit el espectáculo/la canción fue un exitazo
    • to score a hit marcar un gol
    • he's a big hit with the teenyboppers es muy popular entre los quinceañeros
    • you made a big hit with my mother le caíste muy bien a mi madre
    • Immediate hits with both travelers and the industry, Web fares weren't even part of the airlines' original plan.
    • Not all your designs have been immediate hits.
    • Weddings have played a pivotal role in some of the biggest British comedy hits.
    • Some films, mainly from Bollywood, manage to become super hits just on account of good music.
    • Drums proved to be a real hit at an event held in North Bradley at the weekend.
    • Mexico has produced a wave of big hits and groundbreaking films in the past few years.
    • His striking level of consistency on the left side of defence has not only cemented his place in the team but has also made him a hit with the fans.
    • Try them and write to the magazine to let us know which ones were a hit at your house.
    • The first film was a huge hit and no doubt the sequel will do great business.
    • It contains albums ranging from the rare pieces of Carnatic and Hindustani classicals to the latest Hindi film hits.
    • Her exquisite work on the tiles and her glass paintings were a big hit at the fair.
    • This was followed, in the 1940s, by a succession of cartoon film hits: Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi.
    • So if I win for a role, and if the film is a big hit, I can share it with everybody.
    • You could make a case for that being the message of his hit song.
    • His toys are a big hit at Scindia Junction, Naval Housing Colony and Industrial Belt.
    • The event will be a hit with people of all ages, children as well as adults.
    • His Troy Game was an immediate hit, and is still to be found in the repertory of many companies.
    • It's no coincidence that both films were box office hits - and not just with African American audiences.
    • It made me a real hit at family parties as it kept the kids entertained for hours.
    • Donkey Kong and Mario were Nintendo's biggest hits yet and were the most popular arcade machines ever!
    • The first film was a hit, and the bestselling series has won three children's book prizes.
    • Initially released in only one cinema it has become a word of mouth hit all over U.S. Europe and Australia.
    • It was an immediate hit with the public and drew thousands of admiring visitors to Kelvingrove.
    • It's not surprising that her clothes should have proved a hit at Debenhams.
    • Adaptations from great classics, some of these films are all time hits.
    • And that broke the record for the most hit singles from a debut record by a woman or something.
    • The hot Bombay mix promises a unique blend of classic and current Bollywood film hits, Punjabi folk songs and Hindi wedding songs.
    • This puppet show was a big hit at the Fringe, combining music, song and laughs.
    • The film became a massive box-office hit and my song was on the soundtrack album, which sold zillions of copies.
    • The album has memorable original lyrics, and also others from various film hits.
    • Along with old film hits, Hitesh also sings ghazals when the occasion demands it.
    • The two little chilli plants were a big hit at work today, attracting lots of interest.
    • He was a big hit at the Anti-Sellafield concert and will be a great draw in Rostrevor.
    • He is the man behind some of the biggest hits in the Malayalam film industry.
    • There are also what are known as sleeper hits - films that start small and get bigger and bigger through word of mouth.
    • The film was a hit in big cities, but did little in the American heartland.
    • Despite the aerodynamic challenges, the car ran very fast and was a big hit with the fans.
    • The nachos were a big hit at the table and for the price that we paid, the portion was well worth it.
  • 3argot

    trabajo masculino coloquial
    • This pre-established structure likewise is manifest in the details of Vincent's job: he has five hits to carry out before leaving the city the next morning.
    • Security sources said there is little doubt that the hit was carried out by the LVF.
    • Well, that's their plan, but it turns out your first hit is on the priest kidnapping godfather.
    • Murder detectives have stepped up the hunt for the gunman who executed a man in broad daylight in a gangland hit.
    • Then, one by one, his biggest hits are systematically murdered.
    • Presumably, the information that led to where these bodies are also would include who took part in carrying out some of these hits.
    • He had been offered $50,000 to carry out the hit, and was jailed for life for the contract killing.
    • Oh, I was going to tell you about hits and contracts.
    • Because a gangster once saved his life, he now does hits for the mob, only communicating by carrier pigeon.
    • Mr Hale claims he has also received underworld information which points to the murder being a professional hit.
    • Unlike previous hits, this murder was filmed in its entirety on the club's security cameras.
    • The police are holding two men who claim Tommy gave them $11,000 to carry out the hit.
    • Is it really possible that they pass on charging Kidan for a killing if he was the guy who ordered the hit?
    • There was no secret as to the identity of the organisation that carried out the hits or its demands.
  • 4EEUU argot

    pico masculino argot
    • One night he took a bong hit of a dried plant, and it nearly killed him.
    • This can whack up the crime rate big time as people steel and commit offences to pay for the next hit.
    • Some years ago I adjourned with a friend to a nearby schoolyard net for a recreational hit.
    • He said raising his hand to grab my fist in mid air as he took another hit from his cigarette.
    • But now that I was free, I celebrated with a few bong hits and mapped out a plan for my next few weeks of luxury.
    • Davidson took another hit of the Marlboro and then snubbed it out in the ashtray.
    • I became methodical about the whole thing, much like a drug addict preparing for their next hit.
    • But if we start to legalese soft drugs then people will move onto a bigger hit and we will have a more violent society.
  • 5

    visita femenino
    • If I google myself, just about the only hits are of that poor unfortunate child who got attacked by a pit bull.
    • The search generated 1848 hits, of which all but 100 were rejected as they did not meet the selection criteria.
    • One of the articles gives the botanical name of St. John's wort; she searches on that term; this search results in eight hits.
    • We really want this new site to start getting a decent amount of hits.
    • I guess I'm surprised that after 6 months of starting to write this blog, it's getting hits from search engines.
    • Also, there appears to be a strange priorization thing going on with hits during a search.
    • A few accolades for a well written, yet vitriolic post, a few extra hits, a few more readers.
    • In fact, the contract with the advertiser may specify that payment is by results, measured by hits or clickthroughs.
    • And there are fewer than a hundred hits when searching for anything in the field.
    • The Napster case must have increased the music service's hit rate.