Traducción de hit list en Español:

hit list

lista de sentenciados, n.



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    (murder list)
    lista de sentenciados femenino
    • The Telegraph reported that it had obtained a copy of the diary and could find no reference to death threats or hit lists.
    • The Burke Group claims a 96 per cent strike rate in fighting 700 union recognition campaigns, although its hit list is entirely American.
    • This case was started when an abortion doctor was killed and within hours his name was crossed off the hit list.
    • His name was discovered on a Nazi hit list after the war.
    • Suddenly, this man jumped to the top of my hit list, finally toppling Richard Whitely from the number one spot.
    • He suggests that there's a Syrian hit list targeting Lebanese politicians.
    • Basildon was on the hit list that came out after The Daily News press was blown up inexplicably.
    • Some people at home could become very rich people if he makes a copy of somebody on the bookies hit list.
    • Those on the hit list were to be killed for their criticism of radical Islam, the letter said.
    • Standing up Seth slid out of the seat intending to search for the subject at the top of his hit list.
    • Other government ministers are also believed on the rebel hit list.
    • Police say Carl Williams is a likely suspect on the gangland hit list, and have offered him police protection, which he has refused.
    • Writer Holy Sklar comments: ‘A hit list that starts with court judges and ends with etcetera is a mighty broad license for murder.’
    • The famous quote that ‘if they have a hit list, I too have one’ is attributed to Mr. Ribeiro.
    • As a result of that we've been informed that we are on the terrorists' hit list, or death list.
    • Already hit lists are circulating among the civilian populations of the zone warning certain people to leave if they want to stay alive.
    • He would have probably still been secretly writing his hit list with her name on top if he hadn't driven her home that night.
    • Naxalites should announce that all kidnappers will be on their hit list.
    • To Daycan's mind she muttered: ‘All the people on my hit list have reasons for my revenge.’
    • It's funny until you're the one who's on her hit list.
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    lista negra femenino