Traducción de hitman en Español:


asesino a sueldo, n.

nombrePlural hitmen


  • 1

    asesino a sueldo masculino
    sicario masculino
    • People in the criminal community began to believe that I was a hit man, and then I began to be solicited for murders.
    • A short time later Hooks is murdered by a Triad hit man.
    • A professional hit man is killing the team one by one.
    • Why did Justice help defend a hit man in California who killed a man while in the witness protection program?
    • One's alleged to have hired down a police informer as a hit man, and they give him bail.
    • I'll snap his neck if you don't tell me why you are trying to kill us by sending hit men after us.
    • But her world turned upside down when she discovered her husband's mistress had hired a hit man to kill her.
    • Rippner reveals himself as a hit man assigned to kill the Head of Homeland Security in his hotel suite.
    • This does not seem enough to prompt the queen to hire a hit man to kill him.
    • You don't absolve yourself of murder by hiring a hit man.
    • How I wished for that million from Shorty in order to hire a hit man to kill the annoying guy who said that.
    • Each chapter deals with a particular aspect of crime, such as highwaymen or hit men, drugs, prisons, and so forth.
    • The reputed leader of the Russian drug trade, a man named Kostanon, was murdered by a Russian hit man on Soi 2.
    • When Giba and Ivan have their business partner murdered, the hit man proves far more difficult to remove from their lives.
    • The indictment alleges that Blake attempted to hire several hit men to kill his wife, Bonny Bakley, and when that failed, killed her himself.
    • There are hit men, murderers, philanderers, thieves, betrayers, and other assorted riff-raff.
    • The police believe Gilbank was killed by a professional hit man.
    • I planned on hiring a hit man to kill Maki after I receive my payment.
    • Anybody that lives in this cold city can tell you that ‘gang-land’ means mafia; Italian mob, hit men, wise guys, and Marlin Brando.
    • Then he falsified an email, from an anonymous person, informing him that hit men killed his family.
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    (ruthless man)
    hombre duro masculino