Traducción de hive en Español:


colmena, n.

Pronunciación /haɪv//hʌɪv/


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    • 1.1Zoología
      (home of bees)

      colmena femenino
      • To restock the hive would cost around £50 and the entire crop of honey, worth about £140, is also useless.
      • A swarm of bees arrived in Derrybeg last Sunday and decided to make a hive in a chimney pot in Third Avenue.
      • Move slowly, especially through overhanging vegetation and brush, to avoid disturbing nests and hives.
      • Whether you have your own hive or you pick up honey in the store, below are some ideas on how you can use this sweetener.
      • The bees raise the virgin queens until mature at which time the beekeeper transfers them into a small hive called a nucleus.
      • Now, farmers have introduced more innovatively designed hives from Germany while still making the hive out of local wood.
      • I'm just trying to locate exactly where the hive's at.
      • When I throw this rock at the hive, we both have to run straight at the hive and scoop it up into the shirt.
      • If you overwinter your hive, don't harvest all the honey from the hive.
      • They were transferred to a hive and then taken out to Kent.
      • Two market executive members - Ron Rudiak and Tom Fast each have a table selling honey, fresh from the hive.
      • He arrives with a special poison and pours it into the hive.
      • The hum from the hive rises threateningly when it is disturbed.
      • In addition, nonhumans would own what they build, such as hives and nests.
      • In the winter they have no use, and are expelled from the hive.
      • Enjoy nature and learn from the flight of birds, the green of the trees, the insects that carry life with them to the hive.
      • However, when fully ‘sealed over’ and ripened in the hive, the honey acquired its characteristic taste and flavour.
      • A soldier ran up and fired shots at it until it dropped the hive and ran off into the forest.
      • The brick was not dropped on top of the hive because there were height differences between the source colony hives.
      • Regardless, I scooped more up from the hive and scoffed them down.

    • 1.2Zoología
      (bee colony)

      enjambre masculino
      • The state has 440,000 bee hives and beekeepers from other states drive their hives in each year to supplement them.
      • But they are my responsibility, and it's always heartbreaking if a hive dies out.
      • Such social hymenoptera may live together in nests or hives of many thousands of individuals, all descended form a single queen.
      • The fly then emerges from its host, ready to infect other members of the hive.
      • I know Morrissey sounds like he's trying to swallow a hive of honeybees, but this is a fantastic live album.
      • One hive, he said, could produce 300 hives in three years.
      • Still the pod drew nearer to the hive and risked entering the swarm.

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    (busy place)
    the workshop was a hive of activity el taller bullía de actividad