Traducción de hoary en Español:


antediluviano, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈhɔri//ˈhɔːri/

adjetivohoariest, hoarier

  • 1

    (very old)
    (myth/joke) antediluviano humorístico
    (ruin) vetusto literario
    • As the hoary old chestnut goes, we take our freedom for granted.
    • Better late than never’ is one of those hoary aphorisms hauled out by those who prefer soundbites to scrutiny.
    • Popular impressions of the British soldier during the Georgian era continue to be dominated by hoary stereotypes.
    • My other hope is that all the Councillors will move beyond their personal interests and hoary old arguments to support the Mayor and an outcome that is the only feasible option for Lismore.
    • His workplace relations minister begrudges a modest pay rise for the lowly paid, trotting out the hoary old chestnut that better pay costs jobs.
    • To argue that the legal ownership of firearms by the citizens are a source for criminals is a hoary old story that has been disproved over hundreds of years.
    • Like the hoary old cliché, ‘Oh, I only watch the documentaries on TV not those dreadful soaps!’
    • He was that old, hoary kind of Fleet Street hack with newsprint-stained fingers.
    • Can we just agree on that, and never see these hoary and overused devices again?
    • He stands to guide me to the door, then stops to point out a photo of himself looking somewhat starstruck and goofy-grinned beside four hoary men, his mayoral predecessors.
    • His jokes may be hoary, but the glint in his eye is youthful; the footwork may be on the weather-beaten side, but his welcoming smirk is ageless.
    • Dropping the pencil abruptly, she looks up at her hoary teacher, ‘Ma'am?’
    • No, what's really disturbing about the whole phenomenon is the emergence of a new breed of hoary old pop marketing men who don't even feel the need to pretend they are anything else.
    • It is an odd moment for parents when their children's answers to that hoary old question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’
  • 2literario

    (head) cano literario
    (head) canoso