Traducción de Hogmanay en Español:


Nochevieja, n.

Pronunciación /ˌhɒɡməˈneɪ//ˈhɒɡməneɪ//ˈhɑɡməˌneɪ/


inglés de Escocia

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    Nochevieja femenino
    noche de fin de año femenino
    • She added that there would be special provisions for major events such as the Hogmanay celebrations in the centre of the city.
    • However, the biggest celebration of all is planned for Hogmanay, when Glasgow plans to show the rest of the world how to party.
    • Until 1998 Scotland broadcast its Hogmanay celebrations to the whole of the UK.
    • On Hogmanay I met my neighbour twice, swirling through the crowd at the local hall.
    • The year of millennium celebrations comes to an end with the biggest and best Hogmanay and New Year bash that Scotland has seen.
    • Ally and Blair are off to Scotland for Christmas and Hogmanay with Blair's family so today is the last day that the we can all get together for a meal.
    • It's a uniquely Scottish celebration - at Hogmanay everyone really enters into the spirit of it.
    • So instead, I'm planning on going to a house party to celebrate Hogmanay with some friends (inside where it is warm).
    • What is central to Hogmanay is the idea of giving, exchange, celebration, enjoyment, even kissing.
    • Edinburgh's Hogmanay is now a brilliant party and Scotland's other cities have an open invitation to join it.
    • At Hogmanay, I'm a bit of a traditionalist, and like to see the bells in with my parents.
    • Today, Edinburgh's Hogmanay is the biggest New Year party in Europe.
    • Grant, 23, had bought a ring he had chosen with Pamela, also 23, and planned to present it to her on Hogmanay, but was unable to keep it a secret.
    • I recall on the millennium Hogmanay he chose to attend a local Glasgow street party.
    • New Year's Eve, called Hogmanay, has long been the main midwinter celebration.
    • I have a theory that that's the reason why Hogmanay is more important in Scotland than New Year's Day.
    • An established festival like Hogmanay is a winner.
    • The first Hogmanay after her recovery, Robin proposed to her in the Balmoral hotel, Edinburgh, against a background of fireworks.
    • The City of Edinburgh Council has mooted an art festival to coincide with Edinburgh's Hogmanay as part of its visual arts strategy.
    • But within days she flew to Scotland for Hogmanay with an actor, and three rock stars.