Traducción de holding company en Español:

holding company

holding, n.


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    holding masculino
    sociedad de cartera femenino
    • The headquarters is a holding company in that it serves as a profit centre, and does not otherwise direct activities at the periphery.
    • A while ago, he decided to establish a holding company to control his myriad interests in grand prix racing.
    • It is owned by a holding company, which in turn is part-owned by a company registered in Jersey.
    • Where the parent of a bank is a financial holding company, the task of consolidated supervision is given to the Member State which authorized the bank.
    • This holding company provides an excellent platform for them to pursue larger business deals.
    • He stated that back at the Shareholder Agreement stage they contemplated a holding company to hold their shares.
    • The current shareholders will be represented in the holding company.
    • The government intends to divide the Austrian Federal Railways into nine private companies run by a holding company.
    • The holding company is privately owned; the only non-family shareholder is the chief executive.
    • I am a director for a holding company of one of New Zealand's larger building companies.
    • An option could be to put the stadium in the hands of a York sporting trust or a holding company in which interested parties have a share.
    • The holding company now owns a controlling interest in the bank.
    • If sufficient numbers accept, the two firms will form a joint holding company to ensure the brands keep trading side by side for at least three years.
    • Nevertheless, the process of going from state-run banks to a financial holding company may be at least two to three years off.
    • However, to qualify as a business asset, the shareholding must be in a trading company or a holding company in a trading group.
    • The airlines will create a holding company that will enable each carrier to retain its own brand and employees and most of its route networks.
    • The question is whether the holding company can use its shares for its own benefit.
    • It is generally understood to be a diverse group of large industries controlled by a single family usually through a central holding company.
    • A joint holding company will be created to ensure the brands keep trading side by side for at least three years.
    • Most public companies have a holding company and subsidiaries.